Progress Report – September 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great PvPer (mainly solo combat)

Extremely quiet month. Been playing less games to try make myself do more work but end up procrastinating in other ways. Started playing DUST 514 again (still not nearly as much as I did last year), mainly to justify me spending lots of time on the forums being a keyboard warrior and participating in RPs to develop my character there.

One cool thing to note about the end of this month though: on EVE I’ve begun to train Gallente subsystem skills! The allure of the Proteus is strong.


In a bit of a stasis around now thanks to my inactivity. Slowly growing it but not really re-investing it. Liquid ISK is great to look at but it sits there and does nothing, and that makes me sad.


Trained into Breachers and spent a few days dying in them. Only secured one kill after spending 5 Breachers, mostly because I refused to follow the fits that most people used and tried to venture out and experiment. This included not using the MASB/SAAR combo, and exchanging combat drones for a medium webifier drone to accommodate for a cap booster + shield booster tank. Posted a short video on my  Breacher deaths here, with some nice music.

As mentioned above I’ve started training T3 cruiser subsystem skills. I’m sitting on 14.6m SP as of writing this. Not insignificant by any stretch of the imagination. SP is no excuse for losing fights now; it’s time to start developing battle experience for myself.


September has ended but I may as well include early October in this report since I probably won’t be thinking about the October report very much as exams will be on my doorstep at that time.

So I’ve stepped up and made a call. Since the alliance leadership has gone AWOL for a few months now (looking back the alliance situation was a steady decline triggered by an almost trivial event. Amazing.) so I decided to get things moving again. Along with CEO of our most active EVE corp in the alliance thus far, we have decided the best course of action is to restart afresh; potentially meaning we will create a new alliance.

As for the DUST mercenaries I have requested that they leave the alliance for our sister corporation in another. Right now the state of the game doesn’t really encourage strong corporate leaders to maintain long-term visions until CCP actually make a clear announcement on their plans for it.


-Still dying a lot in PvP.

-ISK holding steady.

-Made another video for EVE.

-New alliance on the horizon?


//End Progress Report



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