This week I joined Tactically Challenged, part of the Tactical Supremacy [TIKLE] alliance, a mostly AUTZ null-sec alliance. Through a real life friend in TIKLE I ended up smoothly transitioning from FW onwards to the “Wild West” of EVE. It was hard to make the decision to sever so entirely from my home in FW so entirely and vanish into thin space after spending most of my time in that space, leaving only a formal goodbye to the corporation I was in. But make the decision I did, and into my travel-ceptor (although I did try travel into null with a sub-optimal ceptor and… woops) I went, setting my sights on dark expanse of 0.0 space.

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The next adventure

Back around July I returned to EVE to find that the Tribal Liberation Force (Minmatar FW) had won the warzone.

It was one of those things that, to me, seemed so far away that I had not stopped to think what I’d actually do after we did it. Furthermore, the victory was achieved without me actually being active at the time, and apparently was also due to factors such as a few of the major Amarrian fighting forces leaving the warzone to find content in World War Bee.

But I suppose it was mainly due to my not being around that I felt that much more detached from the fact that we all now had the Stripes of Fury awarded to us. When I initially returned, I went straight back into plexing and missioning, grinding out LP and PvPing like nothing had happened. There was a strange quality in the air and as I conversed with old comrades, though. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath and wondering what to do now. Everyone wanted to know what was next.

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EVE Online’s new clone states

Okay so I was excited by the most recent dev blog. Excited enough to revive my blog after many months, hell, excited enough to not bother even thinking of a cool blog post title, which is the real thing that scares me. What is my blog without its slightly strange post titles that don’t really mean anything but mean something to me?

So. Clone states. What CCP intends to do with EVE is essentially make trial periods permanent. Not quite totally free-to-play, but definitely a step up from the very limited time a player used to get if they wanted to try EVE out on a trial account, which really wasn’t enough to even get a small taste of what the game really had to offer. I’ve been playing for 2 and a half years now, and I still haven’t fully grasped the entirety of the complex machine that is EVE.

Right. So ‘trial’ accounts are now capsuleers with Alpha clones. Subscribers get Omega clones, with full access to all skills in the game and a better training rate from what I understand. This new model is undoubtedly going to lead to an influx of new players. There will be conjecture and debate about how the system is going to affect x or y mechanics, or lead to dozens of possibly game-breaking exploits. But as many current players are happy to note; more players couldn’t hurt and could only be a good thing.

They’re right in that new players coming into EVE can only be a good thing, whether they’re paying or not. But it’s likely that, given the nature of the average EVE player, there is a much more sinister meaning behind “yay there are going to be so many more newbros around”.

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