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2.5 Thrashers

Hooray for blog post titles that are weird and unrelated!

Of all the things to break the monotony of FW in my EVE life, I would’ve never expected a random mail from a random null-sec corporation who were recruiting people in NPC corps to suddenly give me something to talk about. I’ve spent the last weeks staring at blog post drafts which all just seemed to come out the same way: FW, FW, FW. And I mean, that’s no surprise given that I engage in FW activities for 99% of my EVE time, but really, there’s only so much you can say about war.

Anyway, my alt today got a mail from a self-proclaimed PvP-centric corporation that lives in sov null. Interesting, definitely. If I didn’t have things for my alt to do down here I would’ve probably gone to check them out. But that’s how it is, I have to ignore what would undoubtedly have been a wonderful opportunity.

I did a bit of snooping around the corporation’s major alliance, Nerfed Alliance Go Away (NAGA). And by snooping, I mean just looking at their alliance description. Nothing really strikes the eye until I reach the bottom and find this gem:

You have enemies?
Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

-Winston Churchill

As ‘that guy’ who tries to get along with everyone, my admiration for some of the things Churchill said overrode my Mr. Nice Guy outlook and drew an evil grin to my face.

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Schrodinger’s Mat…ari

EDIT: Didn’t notice but I saved this draft initially a week ago, but when I posted it today (7th September) it kept the date when I first started writing the post. So I technically posted to the past.

Perhaps it’s due to my close proximity with lots of people who fly ships designed by Minmatar starship engineers, but I’ve recently been growing more and more attached to their reddish, rusted exteriors, their masses of fins and bits and pieces sticking out in every direction.

Just a skinned Vargur I was looking at...
Just a skinned Vargur I was looking at…

I haven’t started flying them properly yet, but I wanted to dig deeper to understand why, just like my infatuation for frigates has suddenly toppled over for cruisers, I’ve suddenly become obsessed with how to use projectile weapons instead of hybrids and drones.

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Developing a taste for cruisers

I started off EVE in Vexors. Lots of them. I died in that trusty hull a lot, and it’s elegant curves kept me company in the coldest of stations. It was love at first sight that first fateful day that I opened the Interbus Ship Identification System.

But as time went on, I realised I had misplaced my early love. Frigate warfare was a new, more flirtatious mistress. A lovely, petite thing that happened in the blink of an eye. Her enchantment hit me unguarded, and I was swooning and wanting to know all about the many hulls and ways to fly those nimble little things.

Alas, I realise I am a fickle man; the call of the cruisers is burning inside me once more.

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Shiny things! Oh, and the Oceanic Assault result.

I’ve been holding onto a PLEX for a while now, I think I got one from some event that I can’t remember now. I think EDU? Probably EDU.

Anyway, I sold it at 97x million today, because I’ve become too lazy to convert my LP.

I’m horrible.

But anyway, with the influx of fresh ISK, I made two major purchases that I’m super excited about.

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The Shepherd

Sheep herder.
Sheep. Herd.

Amazing how lazy the English language can be.

Today we got into a fight with remote repairing Tristans with armour logi support. We had more numbers and destroyers, so I was confident.

Some of my fleet, though, were not, and made their concerns apparent before the fight.

Well, we ended up winning, and that doubt initially was what made me think about today’s post.

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Everything except the kitchen sink.

I never really got the story behind ‘kitchen sink’  fleets being fleets consisting of everything and anything. So I talked to my fleet about it one day, and well, one big idea was actually that, when packing up as much as you could to leave the home, you’d try to take everything except the kitchen sink. So in a kind of inverse way, a kitchen sink fleet therefore consists of “everything”.

I really liked that description. I was also taken aback. Because in my whole year and a half in EVE, I never asked for the true meaning of a kitchen sink, because I thought I knew it.

When I first heard it, I thought it was named so because a kitchen sink generally had all kinds of things in it. Pots to cutlery, vegetable peels to defrosting meat, etc. That made sense to me, at least. I enjoy making up stories to explain what I’m unsure of. It’s not a good idea sometimes though, because if I get away with the… Delusion… For too long, it becomes harder to accept reality.

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Thinking of ways to think.

The Amarr have decided they’ve had enough. Where we were previously taken systems quite easily, it’s like we’re a bird that just dove into water.

They don’t have many systems left, and I must commend them on their fortitude, because they’ve been deplexing systems very consistently for the past week, and at T1 warzone control there’s not much LP to be had by doing it.

What I was worried about was that it would become a war of attrition, and there is a scary possibility that we’re falling in that direction. It’s scary because EVE is a game, and if people aren’t having fun, they won’t want to play. This goes for both sides. It sounds like an absolute grind for the Amarr to have to deplex for nearly no LP all day, and for us, it’s painful to keep running from fleets because the Amarr can simply bring more than what is necessary to fight us.

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Divide and conquer – or not?

Fleets are wonderful things in EVE. When PvP players get together, fleets are formed, fun is had together, people share their losses and victories, bonds are made (or broken) in the fiery aftermath of a fierce fight.

Fleets highlight the social element of EVE, and brings out so many interesting interactions between FC and member, FC and FC, and between your squad members. From heated discussions over topics totally unrelated to EVE to the most coordinated target-calling, the spectrum of conversation on comms when you’re in a fleet is almost always unique.

Knowing this, having experienced it in my own fleets, and in nearly every fleet I’ve joined, would I willingly divide a fleet?

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Brutor force

Not the smoothest of puns, but nevertheless, today the militia (or at least some 15-20 of us) managed to haul our warzone control up to tier 4 by increasing the level of most of our infrastructure hubs to 5.

With this comes, frankly, exorbitant LP gains. I put in around 500 thousand LP to the hub-upgrading effort as that was all I had on hand, and one mission run later, I was back to 600 thousand. Abso-frikkin’-lutely ridiculous.

Before everyone drops what they’re doing to join and farm Tribal Liberation Force (TLIB) LP, though, it is important to keep in mind basic microeconomics, supply and demand in particular. When supply exceeds demand, price falls. The market is going to be flooded by TLIB LP, and converting items into LP get a little less profitable because of it. I don’t really see any problems with that, on my end. Even at a very weak conversion rate of perhaps 400-500LP/ISK, a single mission that yields 60,000 LP is 24-30 million ISK. Optimising the missioning lets you do them all in about… 2 to 3 hours, for a total of 12 missions, lets say.

12 x 30 is 360m, so at a VERY WEAK conversion rate, you’re earning a tidy sum of a bit over 100m/hour. Great stuff!

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