“A man chooses,…

“A man chooses, a slave obeys – Andrew Ryan”

The Steam summer sale is on and gamers around the world are emptying their wallets and forgoing meals to purchase some games to see them through the months ’til Christmas. I’m restraining myself since I’ve got that EVE Online subscription to worry about (decided to forgo subscribing another character though, as painful as it may be to finally write it down), but I’ve picked up quite a few games. Hopefully I end up making the most of my money and actually playing them; apparently these sales are so alluring for others that games are purchased that are never touched, left in that digital collection like those toys bought for us as kids that we never played with.

Anyway, a few days ago I bought Bioshock. Definitely not new, and this won’t be a review or guide because I’m sure there are plenty of those out there already. I have never played it before, but I watched the trailer back in 2008 and it freaked me out. Personally, I cannot stand horror movies nor horror games, something my friends go great lengths to exploit.

In addition to my inability to stomach scary shit, I’m also a little forgetful. Bioshock Infinite came out much more recently, and the blue skies and breathtaking steam-punky setting had me totally forget about my initial impressions about the other two Bioshock games. So I picked them up and started playing them, and well, it was tough going.

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Progress Report – June 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great PvPer (mainly solo combat)


First up lets have a look at the killboard.

KB as of June 2014
KB as of June 2014

We notice that ISK efficiency, that is, the ISK of all kills / Total ISK destroyed or lost in combat x 100 (so in this case 5.09/(5.09 x 2.71) x 100), has risen compared to the May snapshot, however that was because of the carrier kill we achieved this month; if we discard it, my ISK efficiency drops to 54.7% A massive drop compared to May. And indeed, just looking at the Destroyed and Lost columns, since the last snapshot in May I’ve killed 31 ships, in exchange for 44 ships lost. Interestingly, this has lead to a 0.01% INCREASE in Ships efficiency.

So, carrier aside, ISK efficiency has plummeted. I am tempted to point towards the notoriety of Amarr/Minmatar FW space being full of pirate fleets, FW gangs and other assorted hooligans, and my killboards certainly do show a lot of deaths to more than one person. But I don’t think I will let myself use this as an excuse, although I will say jammers piss me off.

I’ve killed nearly a ship a day, and lost a bit more than 1 ship a day. What are the reasons behind this?

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Carriers and courage

5-months in to EVE, and I am part of a capital kill.


However, how we managed to get a hold of the Archon was what I am utterly amazed about. I had imagined getting a carrier kill many different ways, but of course New Eden laughs in my face at attempting to predict what will happen tomorrow and throws something completely unexpected at us.

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Let there be… airships?


Okay, maybe not so grand. So that Dustia story I was talking about earlier, I’ve recently started getting back into the writing groove after temporarily abandoning my co-authors (collaborative writing is AWESOME! But that’s another post), but I’ve hit another bump. Namely, I want an airship.

Of course, as an amateur bullshit artist author, I can think of ways to bring one into the story. If you don’t plan on reading the whole story, here’s the lame way in which I do it. I literally pull it from thin air. But don’t worry! There’s backstory. Lol. The best thing about fun projects like these is that there really are no hard rules, just a sprawling tale. It’s as if all our hands are writing together, on top of each other, around each other. Chaotic sure, but fun.

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It’s always dar…

It’s always darkest before the dawn…

A bit of both worlds this time.

Today I was playing EVE Online and I got incurred another lost ship. For those who don’t know, every time you lose a ship in this game, you’ve gotta repurchase yourself another ship, whatever you’ve fitted to that ship, etc. You start from scratch, ship-wise. There is no save, no continuation from a previous point, with that ship.

So needless to say, losses have an impact in the game. And recently I’ve been managing to lose a lot. It hurts. It hurts because I fly so often, and I keep thinking that surely this means I’m getting better. I’m noticing what I can engage, what I can’t, where my ship’s weaknesses are. But all in hindsight, and I never recall it in the next fight.

Frustration rises. I felt like giving up entirely. Then Pandora goes and plays a song by Florence and the Machine, a song whose lyrics contained the words of the quote above: “…It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

It helped. A bit. Then I recalled a quote from Patrick Ness’ Monsters of Men series:

“It’s always darkest before the dawn, Todd.”

I look at him, baffled. “No, it ain’t! What kinda stupid saying is that? It’s always lightest before the dawn!”

So then, which one’s right?

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Dustia: A tale

I thought it was about time I posted about something less New Eden-related, although CCP did have an indirect role in starting this project of ours. Anyway, here we go.


What started simply for fun…

A bit of background. Late 2012, I started playing a game called DUST 514. An FPS on the PS3, nothing really special about it at the time (time being very important within CCP’s games and CCP’s development process)¹. However, it promised to be something special, with the help of the community. I wanted to help. So I joined the forums.

I became a fully fledged forum lurker, checking General Discussions, Feedback and News threads every day. I wanted a way in though. I felt the guys who had played throughout closed beta would shun me as a newbie, and my voice would be lost and efforts wasted.

So I looked beyond the more popular sub-forums, and I found what CCP has dubbed The Locker Room. And this is my first ever post on the DUST forums: https://forums.dust514.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=441510#post441510

And boy, have we moved on.

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Seeing the future, and re-finding fun.

Today I roamed with two new friends, breaking the solitude of solo PvP. Me and one other were in Remote Repair Vexors, with the final member of our crew in a Vigilant. Formidable, to say the least.

Our roam was off to a good start, taking down a Wolf and Catalyst easily, no surprises.

Then a Gila showed up.




And killed all three of us.

Good fight. Would talk more about it but I’m still wincing from the wounds to my pride. He fought 3v1, 3v1! And killed us all. Breaking down the fight would be doing this a disservice. Sure he may have made mistakes, but in the end it was a good fight and he won it.

On a side note, remote repair Vexors are awesome. Would love to try them out again.

Anyway, moving on to brighter topics.

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My twitch profile.

My twitch profile.

Streamed a few fights earlier today, some people actually watched it. Quality ain’t perfect, had to downgrade the resolution and stuff to account for my poor upload speed.

Hopefully will get music in to my next session. Stream times won’t be regular; I think it’ll just be whenever the net isn’t tied up and I feel like streaming.

Feel free to suggest what I can do with my stream, any ways to improve it (beyond streaming raw footage), and perhaps what you’d like to see an 8.2m SP character in EVE do on livestream. ^_^

What? Drunk with choler?

Vexor on scan. I’m in a Vexor. Possibility of the other guy bringing back-up? System is full of people in the same alliance. Possibility of me having back-up? Zilch.

Other than that it looks like an even fight. I let him warp into the plex, check him out. Pirate, blinky red, full rack of T2 blasters. Probably exact same fit as me.

Okay, I get hesitant. In a full frontal brawl, he’d probably come out on top dps-wise, not to mention the pesky plex rat has stripped my shields by now. I warp out, and scout out another system to head to. Suddenly something flashes on the left of my screen, where my local chatbox is opened wide because I was just trolling in Hek.

[ 2014.06.11 13:46:23 ] Paquito > lol really
[ 2014.06.11 13:46:36 ] Paquito > typical triad


I stop my warp to the next system. This guy didn’t even have the decency to insult me. I just blue balled him but no, he goes ahead and attacks the corporation I’m in. Unforgivable. No, calm down Rev, this is his trap card and you just fell f- *BLIND RAGE KEYBOARD SMASH* But wait, he’s probably got back-up and you’re going to waste IS- WELL THEN WHO’S THE COWARD NOW! Okay hotshot, calm down, I have already deduced he was probably going to best me in a 1v1- BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER. Because he took the matter and turned it into a challenge of honor. And let me tell you I didn’t back down.


He won was because he started targeting my drones first. His drone technique and mine varied slightly, and that variation let him come out on top. He packed in a whole bunch of mediums, whereas I loaded a Gecko to try make up for my poor heavy drone skills. His initial attempts to target the Gecko forced me to put the big boy away and start pelting his Hammerheads. By this time, though, he had no intention of killing the lighter drones I set on his drones, and pummelled away at my hull. Eventually he figured out his T2 blasters and drones could smash through the reps. I should have kept my Gecko popping in and out until he killed it, by then hopefully he would’ve severely depleted his own drone bay doing so. Had I managed that, it would’ve been (presumably) an easy matter of smacking him until he died.

But I was blinded by my own impatience to show him that it was not typical for me to run, nor for TRIAD for that matter. He had already won half the fight with that simple comment, and I bit so hard that I was already on the back foot despite forcing him to catch me again in the plex. Another mistake; I should’ve kept out of his blaster range and turned it into a game of drones vs drones. Perhaps then he would’ve made a mistake without the added pressure of his T2 guns straining my reps.

I wish I could call him a douchebag. I wish I could say it was his SP that let him win. I did give him a little jab about his T2 guns, a petty self-satisfying move, but hey, I did feel satisfied after that. Despite it, though, he won fair and square and I could’ve avoided it or at least make him work harder for the win. Next time to prevent myself from succumbing to local taunts I will carry around a tank of honor.