Food for worms

So… a new category for the blog. Yes, Minecraft. That’s where I’ve been, whilst my alliance thinks I’m six feet under, I’m actually hundreds of feet under, looking for diamonds. I feel quite guilty that I abandoned the alliance like that, and I doubt they’ll forgive me readily if I turn back up and explain all I wanted to do was start a Minecraft server. Continue reading Food for worms


I could pretend I have an immense store of knowledge on Greek mythology, but I won’t. According to Wikipedia, Proteus was a sea-god, specifically, one of ‘elusive sea change’, giving rise to the adjective protean, which is used to describe something that is versatile, or capable of assuming many forms. Like Mystique from X-Men.

An apt name for the coming patch to EVE.

One of the biggest changes hitting EVE in a few days is a modification to the Combat Recon line of cruisers, and nothing says elusive versatility than not being detectable by D-scan.

Curse – Amarr Combat Recon ship

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So that’s what two accounts feels like.

This is what happens when you have two accounts running with a single screen, tabbing between both, suddenly something interesting is happening on one and you forget where the other is.

I wonder if CCP have partnered up with some monitor companies, because I’m really considering a second monitor right about now.

Meh, maybe I just need to get used to having two accounts running.

Maybe I should’ve got Revi through low-sec first, instead of get caught up playing around on Imogen.

Mistakes were made.

Sigh, at this rate, my corpse is going to be a common sight in people’s corpse freezers. And I wanted my body to be special. 😦

Here we go again…

Well, the new year is settling in now and I’m looking forward to a hell of a lot this year. In many ways this year is going to be crucial for me; I see many crossroads up ahead and it’s exciting to know I have a blog now to track my choices, in EVE and out of it.

For EVE specifically, this is the year where our alliance makes or breaks it. If we survive a whole new year, I think we will have a foundation that will let us step up there with the big boys. Maybe. I’m uncertain. But I think we can. That’s what counts, right?

Anyway. these thoughts spawn from the fact that Revi is now more or less a 1 year-old capsuleer in New Eden. A year has already passed and boy, was it fun. Little disappointed that I didn’t break 20million SP (Scratched 19.3m) but besides that, I definitely have no regrets.

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The Necessity for Longevity

EVE Online rewards long-term players. First and foremost, the skill point system accumulates skill points over time. It follows that simply by having a subscribed account longer, your character is getting ‘stronger’.

There are lots of debates as to how players can be persuaded to play the game for a couple of years. Two years will leave someone who has been skilling diligently and trying to optimise their training plans with somewhere in the order of 40 million SP, and that, in my opinion, is the sweet spot, for PvP, at least. You start to develop a little diversity in what you can fly, above average to perfect support skills, good weapons and the like.

How does a player find the motivation to play for two years, though? Some just naturally fall into their rhythm, but most play games to have fun.

Sometimes EVE, in all its beauty and complexity, is not always fun. It gives you a different sense of satisfaction than the shiny level-ups other MMORPGs give you. EVE gives you a slow-burning, grand-scale glow in your heart as you slowly build yourself up to be supreme overlords of the systems you have chosen to inhabit. This glow is easily overwhelmed by the shorter-term, intense experiences other games can provide.

I’m saying this because I it’s happening to me right now. EVE has taken a backseat ever since the Steam Holiday Sale began and I turned my eyes to other games. One such game I decided to purchase (long overdue) was Skyrim… and you can probably already tell where this is going.

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Don’t rush!

So much for consistency. 4 days after my last post, I bother to start another.

Given, I’ve had much on my mind. Taking care of a cat since some of my family have gone off on vacation, and let it be known I’ve never taken care of a pet myself before.

Scary stuff. However, the amount of its fur it leaves everywhere
and the way it meows regally at me whilst sitting like a king admonishing a lowly peasant isn’t for this blog. Hell, the interwebz probably is approaching bursting point with its cats.

No, today, I’m talking about something I’ve been thinking about since Christmas… and I went ahead and did it.

I’ve started another account on EVE Online.

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