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Progress Report – October 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great solo PvPer

Current objectives:

1)Become a respectable FC and leader in my new alliance

2)Create a profitable trading/hauling business in order to supply the alliance

Knowledge is power, I feel. Understanding a bit about everything should contribute to my ultimate objective. FC work, fleet fights, leadership, trading, all of these are skills that in one way or another can contribute to that ultimate objective. I’m just not pursuing it as directly as I had been, but I’m coming to realise that the direct route may be the fastest but not the best…

This month has been littered with quite a few blog posts, and past progress reports kind of covered content that overlapped with the month’s posts. Can’t get rid of it entirely but these reports shouldn’t be a summary of my posts, and I’ll be endeavouring to make that so.

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Jack of all trades, AND master of all!?

When I started EVE I told my fellow corpmates at the time I would stick with one character for a long time, a long time being a few years.

They laughed at me. I remained resolute, unwavering in their jibes. Every few days one of them would at log in with an alt of their own to say hi to me, or ask me when I was getting that other character I wished I had. I laughed back. My early days were full of good-natured chats and fun conversations with awesome people. I was extremely lucky to be in the position of knowing there was a corporation I could join from the get-go.

9 months later, though, today in fact, I went back on all of that and I now have a second character. My saving grace, though, is that I have not exactly subbed a new account, but just employed another of my three character slots. I now have one empty slot remaining.

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Laying down the sword…

Today was a good day…


Awesome Friday night down in Australia. Managed to get a free night to listen to the awesome crew doing the weekly EVE Down Under, something of a ritual for many Aussie players I think. Definitely fun to listen to the hosts’ takes on recent patches, upcoming patches and null-sec politics (which I have no clue about but I listen intently anyway because it sounds intriguing). I especially enjoyed the argument around the end-game, and what content exists in the end-game after Titans. But I won’t go any further, and will highly recommend you download the podcast and have a listen for this week! Also, perhaps just this once, listeners got to witness  nGR rDNx struggling to pronounce my character name! At least until some smart cookies in the EDU chat channel discovered out what is hidden behind a seeming jumble of random letters. 😛 The collective, revelatory ‘ooooohh’ was supremely satisfying.

The reason for my name even making its way into the show is, awesomely enough, because I somehow won a freighter answering this question at the end of the show: “Who wrote Templar One?”, combined with the keyword riptide delivered at the beginning of the show.

And to top it off, CCP Mimic made a special guest appearance for today’s show! Not only did she give awesome insights into some of the topics discussed and how CCP was adapting to the new 5-weekly patch cycle, but she was the one that judged that I was the 5th correct answer (based on the conditions of that prize giveaway, the 3rd and 5th answers got freighters) and officially got me the freighter! Woo-hoo!

It’s officially 41 days until the Eve Down Under event itself in Sydney, and (spoilers!) this may be part of my speech for the event. I’m certainly aiming for this sort of vibe, but I’ll try not to let too much on; according to my blog stats I do have some Australian readers, and some may be attending EDU, so I’m not going to spoil it for them.

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Is this the real life…?

So last night I dreamed my first ever EVE Online dream.

The details are fuzzy but I think there was PvP involving a Megathron, and for some reason I was killing it, and I felt intent on killing it alone, and this wasn’t just solo PvP kind of intent. It was a burning desire to be the only one on the killmail, unexplainable really.

Of course, my dreams always thwart my desires, and at the last moment someone comes and whores on the killmail. I woke with a feeling of inexplicable sorrow mixed with disappointment and anger.

I think I should avoid playing EVE into the ungodly hours of the morning.

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I was selected as a short-form speaker for Eve Down Under.

I actually applied for long-form, because it’d mean I got my ticket free. It wasn’t that I was just doing it for the free ticket, though; I reckon even 9 months into EVE (almost at 15m SP!!!!), I could fill 40 minutes with an interesting spiel about what I’ve done.

So Bam Stroker contacted me a few days ago and I was a little confused because we had never really spoke except for at one Melbourne meetup and that was pretty brief, then it dawned on me: he was contacting me about the speech.

I braced myself and was 100% prepared for the unfortunate apology and how there was simply too many other good applicants, and I would nod and accept my fate and attend EDU and enjoy it as a fellow attendee and try to go for the PvP tourney, and have some fun around Sydney while I’m there, and that would be that.

But Bam, in his grace and wisdom, decided to throw me into a short-form slot instead. So some time during the Saturday of EDU, I’ll be speaking to fellow EVElings about an interesting thing or two about my EVE career so far.

I’ve got to say, all I feel is relief. I’ll admit here I haven’t actually spoken in front of a crowd for 45 minutes before, and I even offered my new short-form place to someone else if necessary. But apparently I’m good to go for the short-form speech, received a confirmation mail today requiring me to get my speech and all that good stuff in some time before the actual event.

Cool beans. My school teachers used to tell me I was good at speaking. But they never had me speak in front of fellow adults on a topic that many take more seriously than anything I talked about in school.

We’ll see, then, how this turns out. If it’s good, good. If it sucks I’ll make sure it’s uploaded to YouTube anyway. Humility is the first step to improvement, right?

Two posts in a day. Binge-blogging.

Wait wait wait… GREEN? (Embellished with assorted mutterings)

Yes sir, you read correctly, GREEN. Check this out:

4 killstreak! 4, I TELL YOU! Hah, no more jokes about my killboard actually being a lossboard now! 😀

Now before we dissect it down and realise it’s 4 low-value, easy kills on people who aren’t really PvPers, let me bask a moment longer in the glory. I don’t think I’ve had 4 green bars in my killboard consecutively, ever, if we filter out the DUST orbital strikes and fleet activities.

Ahhhhhhhh… that’s good. Alright! Now you might be asking, “But Rev, you just said in your report you were going to get progressively less active on EVE as exams came around!” Yeah, well, screw that I’m happy to become a bum as long as I can pay my subscription.

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Progress Report – September 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great PvPer (mainly solo combat)

Extremely quiet month. Been playing less games to try make myself do more work but end up procrastinating in other ways. Started playing DUST 514 again (still not nearly as much as I did last year), mainly to justify me spending lots of time on the forums being a keyboard warrior and participating in RPs to develop my character there.

One cool thing to note about the end of this month though: on EVE I’ve begun to train Gallente subsystem skills! The allure of the Proteus is strong.

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Defining the Solo PvPer

So I haven’t been writing on the blog for the past week. Been writing in other places, actually. In my uni workbooks, for one, which have been sadly neglected for the first half of the semester, much to the detriment of my grades. Oops.

A DUST 514 collaborative writing project is another thing I’ve been getting involved in. Did mention that I wanted to develop character creation skills in a previous post, and I figured some good ol’ fashioned role playing in-character would help. So far so good, actually.

For those interested in that RP thread you’ll find it here, on the DUST forums.

Along with that, I’ve also been getting back into DUST 514 after totally neglecting it since I started EVE back in January. CCP’s games seem to possess this quality that draws you back in. It was understandable in EVE; I figured people who had spent hundreds of dollars in their subscription aren’t simply going to throw it away and never return. But DUST, a free-to-play game, in which I personally have not spent a cent on, possesses such an allure, more so than any previous first-person shooter I’ve played to date. I have not mentioned DUST much at all in this blog, and I doubt many DUST players will read this, nor will I make DUST a big part of this blog (for now, though if Project Legion launches I won’t be so sure I’ll be able to resist), but the next portion is nevertheless going to be a bit hard to understand unless you’ve played the game.

So I got back into it this week, got involved in an awesome dropship deathmatch organised by corporations Dead Man’s Game and Learning Coalition. Great fun with great people, and to be honest not many people may have shown up but those who did will vouch for the blast we had.

Then it got a bit more serious for me. You see, what with the state of the game and other factors right now, DUST isn’t exactly pulling in or retaining new players. Most agree that the game is probably on what you could tentatively call life support. I would optimistically call it an elongated winter with spring just over the horizon, with the start of the winter being May this year. We had no prophetic Ned Stark to warn us though, so when it hit, well… here we are today.

Anyway. So that was the long way of saying our EVE-DUST corporation is dying. In what was effectively a 5% EVE to 95% DUST in terms of player composition, most of the DUST players are gone, from the corp or from the game.

Cutting to the chase, we were what I daresay was a formidable force. And such forces commanded PC districts; we still had 3. Now, we were a small bunch of peasants in a winter blizzard, surrounded by wolves. One stepped into the light of our wavering torchlight and tried to take a bite.

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More stuff to write about!

I could recount my day-to-day activities on EVE and/or life and have a new post or two every day, but I’m too inconsistent for that and I’ll probably start letting people down eventually. So casting about for more projects that I can put up here, I combine my interests in writing with my absolute adoration for the lore and backstory of EVE Online, and now I want to create backstories for both my characters.

This’ll probably be an ongoing thing; start off with my initial plans for backstory, write a few things out, then rearrange, chop ‘n’ change, until the final product satisfies me. I’ve always wanted to create vibrant characters with depth, and as always, CCP’s New Eden comes to the rescue, providing an entertaining way to do it with their world already created for me.

A snippet of some of the chronicles of EVE Online and DUST 514’s universe, New Eden.

Firstly, EVE Online and DUST provide a solid foundation upon which you can create backstory for your characters. Unlike other games where the existence of your character is explained for you through the lore of the game, or their story is defined in the initial quests you must undertake, in EVE and DUST your character’s conscience is immortal, either through transference to clones that sit in pods and pilot ships with their minds, or into clone soldier bodies capable of wielding weapons of mass destruction with the aid of full-body dropsuits that enhance your physical properties.

And that’s that. So the big question, “who was I before I became immortal?”, is left open to the players’ interpretations, something I get extremely excited about.

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Self-doubt and discord: A recipe for uncertainty

Uncertain is how I feel right now.

Today I logged onto EVE, sent out a mail for the plan of action for an upcoming wardec, calmed down a uncertain CEO of a corporation in an alliance about the plan, engaged in conversations on standings with directors of local corporations, and finally logged into DUST on my PS3 to more or less head a corporation meeting and discuss the general direction the corporation should take.

Fun yes, I certainly felt a sense of power as I did these things, but right now everything is sort of hollow.

Details are classified of course, but I feel worried and uncertain rather than relieved after the last meeting ended and downtime arrived. Who am I to lead? The meeting, led by me on voice chat, was iffy at best. The agenda was all over the place. Points discussed were not focused. For the first meeting I’ve organised, it is safe to say it was disastrous. We came to a conclusion but only after many stumbles and backtracks on my part, and I could’ve sworn I said things one too many times. It was obvious the guys expected me to have more to say and when I blurted out an “Alright guys, everything seems good I’m going to go have dinner now”, the collective silence didn’t sound like they were telling me to go stuff my face.

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