What a time to be immortal!

Everything’s happening now. A  bunch of dev blogs were dropped on our heads, the CSM Summit is yielding some really tasty reads, the o7 show returns, the fight in Nova happened, the whole debacle about Alliance Tournament honour and “Camellords” rages on, PLEX prices are rising, Geckos are fluctuating, interesting battlecruiser changes have been announced… -huff-

I’ve been trying my best to keep up with the news, and every day I spent reading and not playing made the itch to log in ever stronger… until tonight, I managed to get back after another week or two without managing to find the energy to play.

EVE always buzzes with life for me. All the cries of stagnation and depleting log in numbers never really made me fear. When you’re in the moment, playing the game, and enjoying it, it’s hard to take a long view and feel like you’re going nowhere.

Low-sec feels like I have years of content left. I look at my enemies by craning my neck far upwards, defiantly staring straight into the eyes of the pirate behemoths that lord over our warzones. I yearn for the day I will stand equally as tall amongst them, and watch them shiver in fear the same way I do now. I look at my ship and see its wreck, I look at my hangars and see them emptying, I look at an empty plex and I see it filled to the brim with ships shooting each other. The cycle is terrible in its beauty.

A strength of mine, and I guess a weakness as well, is never being able to worry too far into the future. Sure, I see that assignment coming up tomorrow, but when it was announced two weeks ago, I never really did the whole planning thing to ensure I finished a bit of it each day leading up to the deadline.

But this also means I don’t let my mind sit on thoughts like “it’s pointless because x is going to happen anyway”. I’m always willing to believe in the unexpected, up until the point where the present meets my shifting visions of the future and I see the truth with my own two eyes.

I can safely say I don’t know whether EVE will last another year or ten, I can also safely say it doesn’t matter to me. Each day, I’ll spend trying to achieve my goals in the game, and my foresight is limited to how I can achieve them down the road. Each day I’ll spend having fun, interacting with one of the most interesting communities in online gaming, and if the end days come, I can safely say I’ve made friends that I can still probably chat to without EVE being there to hold it all together.

I suppose it’s not that I don’t want EVE to end. I’m more concerned about creating memories and leaving an impact before it does. 🙂

One thought on “What a time to be immortal!”

  1. Just got back after a 3 month break and the game seems more active that ever. Shadow vs cruiser crew + snuff, 0.0 fleets brawling around command nodes. The game is alive…all you have to do is undock and look for trouble 😛

    P.S Eve has been dying since the servers came online.

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