Wait wait wait… GREEN? (Embellished with assorted mutterings)

Yes sir, you read correctly, GREEN. Check this out:

4 killstreak! 4, I TELL YOU! Hah, no more jokes about my killboard actually being a lossboard now! šŸ˜€

Now before we dissect it down and realise it’s 4 low-value, easy kills on people who aren’t really PvPers, let me bask a moment longer in the glory. I don’t think I’ve had 4 green bars in my killboard consecutively, ever, if we filter out the DUST orbital strikes and fleet activities.

Ahhhhhhhh… that’s good. Alright! Now you might be asking, “But Rev, you just said in your report you were going to get progressively less active on EVE as exams came around!” Yeah, well, screw that I’m happy to become a bum as long as I can pay my subscription.


But I have figured out the perfect combination of activity and study.

You see, EVE lets me do passive things like talk to people, and still be productive. Intel is everything. Hell, I’m playing EVE when I’m messing around on fitting tools, analysing market data, etc. etc. But it is not as crucial to have every last iota of my attention dedicated to the game like when I’m PvPing.

Which means I can study, and still satisfy my craving for ‘gameplay’ (I’ll admit I’m using the term pretty loosely here). Previously I’d binge on EVE and shut it down before subjecting myself to a gruelling 1-hour study session, of which I spend 10 minutes studying and the remainder trying to prevent myself from procrastinating, and failing hard.

Now though, I leave EVE open, chat to a few people on a few of my chat channels after 10-20 minutes of studying. I mix it up with some fitting theory-crafting, chronicle reading, character building, forum browsing etc., and overall I can find I’m doing 2-3 hours of study a night over 4-5 hours or so. Actual study.

Who could’ve guessed it was that easy. Of course, this only works for games like EVE. Trying to do this on an AoS-style MOBA like League of Legends or an FPS like DUST 514 simply could not work.

Alright so I have more time doing what fellow solo PvPers would term ‘nothing’. And I agree, I am barely developing my PvP skills (apart from maybe a bit of daydreaming about a fit after I make it), and not getting any action. I’ve come to learn that if you don’t want to get a kill, you won’t get a kill. Straight forward but it is something I fear many miss. Most apparently don’t go to low-sec, or join FW, for the PvP. The lucrative low-sec moons and cosmic signatures, sure. The cash cow that is FW LP stores, sure. But not the PvP.

I digress. I’m not doing any PvP whilst I am studying but luckily for me, I have other tasks to attend to that I can do. I mentioned in the September report that our alliance was undergoing big changes. Well, I have taken a key part in this, and this means lots of typing. Explaining to curious members what’s going on, over and over, and setting up the foundations. Thousands and thousands of words, that’s what a good alliance foundation probably looks like. Reassuring words, strong speeches, long mails with too much detail, contact details, describing the vision, long-term and short-term goals.

So I’ll want to be online as much as possible, because something I’ve also come to learn about leadership is that your presence is powerful. The fifteen minutes between breakfast and having to head off to wherever your day requires you, if spent just being online, sharing a simple greeting with your members, checking in on them on comms, makes a world of difference. The worse thing possible for an alliance or corporation member to log into is an empty chat room. If you can be there when they do log in, even just to say you have to go soon, in my opinion, that’s game-changing for them.

Now if I could just find some magical formula for getting out regular blog posts…

4 thoughts on “Wait wait wait… GREEN? (Embellished with assorted mutterings)”

  1. I went AFK this evening while mining, since I had RL work to do.

    Came back to see two Catalysts wailing on me.

    Now I have two kill rights.

    This is the extent of my pvp for the month.

  2. If you want a kill, you won’t get a kill… That seems to be quite true. Whenever I go roaming looking for a “fair” fight in my T1 frigate, I turn back without any luck after an hour or two. When I am doing something else, suddenly I see someone hanging around who I feel I could take on…

    1. OOPS! That was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out, haha. Oh gosh that’s embarrassing. I’ve edited it now. (This is what I get for not saving drafts or re-reading posts.)

      But yeah, you seem to have gotten the idea even though I totally botched the sentence. Get out there as much as possible, and in every fight, fight to the bitter end, and sometimes the results will be pleasantly surprising. šŸ˜€

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