Theomachy, an EVE Online event held in the game’s test server, also known as Singularity.

Basically 400 players in a single system engaged in a wild free-for-all. The arena is set-up such that Hunger Games fans would understand exactly what is going to happen when the frenzy begins.

Alliances will be forged, friendships will be tested and turrets will be overheated in this madness, for a slice of the huge prize pool, not to mention the glory of combat.

As an eager, young solo PvP pilot, the mere thought of such combat makes me grin. I am going to try my hardest to get involved, not just because of the potential prizes but also because on the test server, I have nothing to lose.


My twitch profile.

My twitch profile.

Streamed a few fights earlier today, some people actually watched it. Quality ain’t perfect, had to downgrade the resolution and stuff to account for my poor upload speed.

Hopefully will get music in to my next session. Stream times won’t be regular; I think it’ll just be whenever the net isn’t tied up and I feel like streaming.

Feel free to suggest what I can do with my stream, any ways to improve it (beyond streaming raw footage), and perhaps what you’d like to see an 8.2m SP character in EVE do on livestream. ^_^

Mevath Sagald’s early Christmas

Mevath Sagald’s early Christmas <- Linky linky!

This guy just gave me Neurotoxin Control (typically a ~200m skillbook) for nothing, because he’s moving to null and his Jita stuff has to go.

Simply awesome.


AND 14 Vexors. 14! I remember when I was 14 years old, I didn’t believe in Santa.

New Eden proves me wrong again.

He’s also giving some pretty insane discounts to some gear, so feel free to head to Jita and send him a message or join Bringing Solo Back (an in-game channel) to join in the festivities. 😀