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The worse thing you can do to a new player is leave them confused and lost in hostile territory whilst barking commands at the tattered remnants of your fleet after a whelping.

But that’s exactly what happened today.

I went into null-sec with some 10 pilots in armour cruisers, with logi and an interceptor scout, feeling confident, expecting some fun. We got into a few scuffles, didn’t kill anything, didn’t lose anything.

Then we got scouted out by Dirt Nap Squad, and they brought something like 30 pilots in interceptors, dictors, cruisers; there was a Raven somewhere out there as well. We were locked into a system, they started probing us down, I tried vainly to keep bouncing, and eventually I tried to get the fleet through a jump. Naturally, there were people on the other side. Perhaps we could’ve gotten away, but some of us would’ve been sacrificed. I didn’t want that, so I got us to burn back to the gate.

As we jumped through, we had probably drawn the aggro of about 10-15 of them. Hence, surely on the other side there would only be 10-15 people fighting us. We could’ve made a brave last stand, and perhaps slayed a few of them.

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