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Jack of all trades, AND master of all!?

When I started EVE I told my fellow corpmates at the time I would stick with one character for a long time, a long time being a few years.

They laughed at me. I remained resolute, unwavering in their jibes. Every few days one of them would at log in with an alt of their own to say hi to me, or ask me when I was getting that other character I wished I had. I laughed back. My early days were full of good-natured chats and fun conversations with awesome people. I was extremely lucky to be in the position of knowing there was a corporation I could join from the get-go.

9 months later, though, today in fact, I went back on all of that and I now have a second character. My saving grace, though, is that I have not exactly subbed a new account, but just employed another of my three character slots. I now have one empty slot remaining.

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