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Let there be… airships?


Okay, maybe not so grand. So that Dustia story I was talking about earlier, I’ve recently started getting back into the writing groove after temporarily abandoning my co-authors (collaborative writing is AWESOME! But that’s another post), but I’ve hit another bump. Namely, I want an airship.

Of course, as an amateur bullshit artist author, I can think of ways to bring one into the story. If you don’t plan on reading the whole story, here’s the lame way in which I do it. I literally pull it from thin air. But don’t worry! There’s backstory. Lol. The best thing about fun projects like these is that there really are no hard rules, just a sprawling tale. It’s as if all our hands are writing together, on top of each other, around each other. Chaotic sure, but fun.

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