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That forum story is moving on!

Mentioned this collaborative project a while ago. Well, it’s been teetering on the brink of stagnation right now. All of us have been slowly breaking apart as real life and other obligations get in our ways.

The issue with collaborative writing is that for longer stories like ours, it requires dedication from all authors, all throughout. Something that started on a forum dedicated to a game totally unrelated to our writing didn’t help. So I’ve taken it upon myself to move the whole lot onto a Word document.

Word document here. (May take a long while to load)

Once forum format is totally removed, I will also have refreshed my memory of the story once again, and hopefully get it back on track.

By back on track I probably mean wrap it up. By rough estimate we have about 400,000 words. The average word length of a book is 64,000.

And this is but one story, you see. What we have created is a whole world. I believe not just in populating the world with creatures, plants, races, ideas and civilisations of our greatest imaginations, but also populating the world with our stories. A single tale woven by our individual strands is great, but we’re doing the whole bloody WORLD (a WORLD!) we’ve created a great injustice if we leave it at that.

Anyway, that’s after we re-unite everyone, get the Word document of what we have so far sorted, and decide how we will end our current tale. For all I know there’s still a hell of a lot to go. But we are getting a little tired of the forum format. I wonder if I can convince my fellow authors to post through this blog? Mmm.