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OMC is finished!

One Man Crew video is out! A little later than most expected, but it is glorious nonetheless. Some of those fights were inspiring to watch, performed with a level of skill far above what I possess, for sure.

60 minute watch, the hour vanished as soon as I hit play. 60 minutes, my eyes were glued to every movement, every module activation, every overheat, every kill. (thanks for the informative text in the video too, Mizhir!) I understand now how high I have to aim to be one of the best.

Was a privilege just to be able to submit a video to this contest. Long live the champions of solo PvP, the profession that the gangs don’t want you to know about, because they fear the day they are eliminated by a single pilot. If, in my FCing, I am ever whelped by a solo PvPer, I will make sure my fleet knows what just happened, because it is an art worthy of the opponent’s admiration.