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Deadlines, processes, tools, progress…

Some people are loyal to others. I’m loyal to an idea.

Nebula3The first corporation I ever joined in EVE, The Southern Legion, it had something there. A will, a will to strive further, reach higher, to achieve great deeds! A desire to win against the greatest odds. The underdogs, fighting their way to the top. When it more or less fell apart due to inactive leadership, people melted away. I helped with the process of disintegrating the corporation, and whilst I am not ashamed of doing so, I still do not fully stand by my decisions at that time. Most players followed the previous leader. I did not. They left for another group who had already established a foothold in the universe, and already had a name, resources.

But as great a guy and leader he was, I was not there to follow him. I was there for that belief, so slight that it was more of a hope, that we could climb together, from the stinking pits of insignificance, to the fabled halls where all the other great corporations/alliances were remembered eternally.

So when I was approached by a friend with the prospect of creating a new alliance, I grabbed it eagerly. I don’t know why I seek to make life harder for myself by undertaking tasks of immense difficulty. In real life, too, I occasionally take the harder route to perform and complete tasks, simply because I feel proving to myself that I can do it. It stems from an uncertain understanding of myself, I think. Because I do not yet know who I am, I have to push the limits of what I can achieve to find out.

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THE INFERNO amongst the flames

I like myself some anime now and then and I recently started watching Fate/Zero, and so far it has been awesome. Don’t want to spoil it for others who may be interested but it made me notice something about my ambitions.

You see, in real life, I want to be someone great. Hell, who doesn’t, right? In EVE Online, I am currently on that path right now, I think.

And there it is, in bold. The doubt. Something I can never get rid of entirely because it has been ingrained in my early education. Never speak in absolutes. The funny thing that I realise now is that that statement itself is an absolute. Change it to “Try not to speak in absolutes” and it isn’t paradoxical and hypocritical but… weak.

The thing is, you do have to make calls sometimes, and you’ve gotta back that shit up. That’s what I’ve been lacking as a leader. Indecisiveness, hesitance, delays, all translate to weakness. What kind of leader rules by being mediocre all the time? What kind of king is admired because he makes weak decisions in an attempt to please as many people as possible and not raise any discontent?

None. All the names of the leaders we remember in history are always contentious. Hate them or love them is what the general populace is divided upon. The middle ground is occupied by historians who attempt to reason, me one of them, but perhaps we were wrong. Perhaps we were meant to hate or love them.

Why do subjects follow a leader? Because they represent the extremes of what is possible. They possess qualities that some would deem mad, others impossible, and many would say admirable. Strength, cunning, wisdom, foresight, for example. A leader must possess all of them in great quantities and qualities. But also lust, greed, hatred. A leader should be the swirling emotions of ten humans at once, a beacon in the darkness and the burning sun during the day.

I’m not someone like that. My dream of being a solo PvPer is limited by my doubts. My ambitions are held in check by my reason. I put shackles on my feet, my friends, and I wonder why I cannot take wing.

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It’s getting a little hot in here…

Things really pick up once you get real involved in the player aspect, eh. I am starting understand why most corporations never want to enter alliances.

It takes a certain kind of leadership to keep cohesion in groups like alliances, and I think ours is hitting all sorts of obstacles right now. Some we leap over effortlessly, some we clamber over, and others…

Today there was an argument between a CEO of a corporation who was interested in joining the alliance, and one of the directors for a corp in the alliance, resulting in the possible new corporation leaving our chat. 😦

I admit, I was being a bit naive when I imagined sunshine and rainbows all along the alliance’s path.

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Laying down the sword…

Today was a good day…


Awesome Friday night down in Australia. Managed to get a free night to listen to the awesome crew doing the weekly EVE Down Under, something of a ritual for many Aussie players I think. Definitely fun to listen to the hosts’ takes on recent patches, upcoming patches and null-sec politics (which I have no clue about but I listen intently anyway because it sounds intriguing). I especially enjoyed the argument around the end-game, and what content exists in the end-game after Titans. But I won’t go any further, and will highly recommend you download the podcast and have a listen for this week! Also, perhaps just this once, listeners got to witness  nGR rDNx struggling to pronounce my character name! At least until some smart cookies in the EDU chat channel discovered out what is hidden behind a seeming jumble of random letters. 😛 The collective, revelatory ‘ooooohh’ was supremely satisfying.

The reason for my name even making its way into the show is, awesomely enough, because I somehow won a freighter answering this question at the end of the show: “Who wrote Templar One?”, combined with the keyword riptide delivered at the beginning of the show.

And to top it off, CCP Mimic made a special guest appearance for today’s show! Not only did she give awesome insights into some of the topics discussed and how CCP was adapting to the new 5-weekly patch cycle, but she was the one that judged that I was the 5th correct answer (based on the conditions of that prize giveaway, the 3rd and 5th answers got freighters) and officially got me the freighter! Woo-hoo!

It’s officially 41 days until the Eve Down Under event itself in Sydney, and (spoilers!) this may be part of my speech for the event. I’m certainly aiming for this sort of vibe, but I’ll try not to let too much on; according to my blog stats I do have some Australian readers, and some may be attending EDU, so I’m not going to spoil it for them.

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Wait wait wait… GREEN? (Embellished with assorted mutterings)

Yes sir, you read correctly, GREEN. Check this out:

4 killstreak! 4, I TELL YOU! Hah, no more jokes about my killboard actually being a lossboard now! 😀

Now before we dissect it down and realise it’s 4 low-value, easy kills on people who aren’t really PvPers, let me bask a moment longer in the glory. I don’t think I’ve had 4 green bars in my killboard consecutively, ever, if we filter out the DUST orbital strikes and fleet activities.

Ahhhhhhhh… that’s good. Alright! Now you might be asking, “But Rev, you just said in your report you were going to get progressively less active on EVE as exams came around!” Yeah, well, screw that I’m happy to become a bum as long as I can pay my subscription.

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Self-doubt and discord: A recipe for uncertainty

Uncertain is how I feel right now.

Today I logged onto EVE, sent out a mail for the plan of action for an upcoming wardec, calmed down a uncertain CEO of a corporation in an alliance about the plan, engaged in conversations on standings with directors of local corporations, and finally logged into DUST on my PS3 to more or less head a corporation meeting and discuss the general direction the corporation should take.

Fun yes, I certainly felt a sense of power as I did these things, but right now everything is sort of hollow.

Details are classified of course, but I feel worried and uncertain rather than relieved after the last meeting ended and downtime arrived. Who am I to lead? The meeting, led by me on voice chat, was iffy at best. The agenda was all over the place. Points discussed were not focused. For the first meeting I’ve organised, it is safe to say it was disastrous. We came to a conclusion but only after many stumbles and backtracks on my part, and I could’ve sworn I said things one too many times. It was obvious the guys expected me to have more to say and when I blurted out an “Alright guys, everything seems good I’m going to go have dinner now”, the collective silence didn’t sound like they were telling me to go stuff my face.

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Crawling before I walk

The elation of my first video post and the 1bill ISK earned from OMC has died down now and I’ve been reduced to humble reflection mode. Aside from the issues I’m facing with the corporation slowing down (I’m seriously considering getting directly involved in a leadership role now, fingers crossed that I won’t be a total failure), I’ve come to realise that just because I have ISK doesn’t mean I should spend it.

When fortune smiles on me, why is it that I can forget so quickly the trials and tribulations before I am graced by such luck?

Two Vexor Navy Issues have burned already. I am not going to throw the rest of my ISK away so lightly.  I need to reconsider my goal in lieu of my progress report, and refocus.

-screws eyes up in concentration-

-thinks hard-

-opens eyes-


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A taste of “CEO Online”: To be a King

Exploded in a Comet today to a Tormentor piloted by a fellow pilot in the BSB channel. Was quite a close fight and in the end I ran out of capacitor to sustain my repairer just as his buffer tank depleted into structure.

The fight fell into his advantage with an overheated afterburner and scrambler, meaning he pulled range from my deadly blasters quite quickly, and I took too long to switch to Null (longer range) ammunition as I realised much too late. In a situation like that, with my dual webs, it is important to understand the effect you have on the enemy by deactivating those webs. You catapult them. If I snare an enemy with my webs and they’re burning furiously away, but still applying decent damage, I have the option of letting them go, and perhaps keeping my ship intact. So for next time, when in a similar scenario:

1) Align to a warpable object
2) disable webs
3) cross your fingers and hope they lose point.

After a fight usually I relax, play another game. So I did, and I broke through to Gold in League of Legends. 😀

But then I was requested to hop back onto EVE. -cue mysterious music-

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