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Shiny things! Oh, and the Oceanic Assault result.

I’ve been holding onto a PLEX for a while now, I think I got one from some event that I can’t remember now. I think EDU? Probably EDU.

Anyway, I sold it at 97x million today, because I’ve become too lazy to convert my LP.

I’m horrible.

But anyway, with the influx of fresh ISK, I made two major purchases that I’m super excited about.

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Progress Report – October 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great solo PvPer

Current objectives:

1)Become a respectable FC and leader in my new alliance

2)Create a profitable trading/hauling business in order to supply the alliance

Knowledge is power, I feel. Understanding a bit about everything should contribute to my ultimate objective. FC work, fleet fights, leadership, trading, all of these are skills that in one way or another can contribute to that ultimate objective. I’m just not pursuing it as directly as I had been, but I’m coming to realise that the direct route may be the fastest but not the best…

This month has been littered with quite a few blog posts, and past progress reports kind of covered content that overlapped with the month’s posts. Can’t get rid of it entirely but these reports shouldn’t be a summary of my posts, and I’ll be endeavouring to make that so.

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  1. the state of being gratifiskied.
  2. something you feel when your sell orders sell in EVE.
  3. the act of killing a ship that drops lots of loot.
  4. Archaic. AoE doomsdays.


6th June, 2014. My sell orders made me a little richer.


“Orders went, gratifisked.”

“Loot fairy gratifiskied me!”

“Oh bby gratifisk me right here, right now.”


rekt, winning


Developed in conversation with Grazi Attorr. Thanks to dictionary.com for assisting with structure.

Winning EVE and Navigation (with extra heat)

Today I was absent from EVE Online for a full day, something unheard of since my character’s birth mid-January this year. And strangely, the day I am away from it the longest, the most I get from it the game.Image

Now I know the cool information is hidden, but suffice it to say that these were all sell orders on items purchased through the LP store. The massive one, interestingly enough, was the one I least expected to sell, but the whole thing was bought out by one person. Incredible; the spontaneity of New Eden awes me to this day (not saying much; I’m not yet five months old). I will even go so far as to make one of my logically warped conclusions from this screenshot, and say that surely this must verify that the only way to win EVE is to not play. Your skills train, your orders sell, and you don’t lose ships! -wipes tear from eye at own ingenuity-

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