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So much for that…

Well! That Minecraft category really took off… NOT. Just deleted it.

I’ll leave the one and only post on Minecraft there as a reminder never to try bite on something that will chew my face off. Lets just say I’m not a hard worker at all, despite what I’ve thought of myself. The challenge for me was trying to work with plugins, making them all work nicely with each other, have a MySQL database linked with the server, and a nice website which I skimped on with a shoddy subreddit, all whilst knowing nothing about how Minecraft plugins worked, knowing nothing about MySQL. Halfway through, I also realised why a subreddit just didn’t cut it as the sole out-of-game source of game information for the server.

Also, every minute I spent working on Minecraft, was a minute my urge to return to EVE grew.

So a few days ago, I dropped my pickaxe and re-entered my pod.

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Crawling before I walk

The elation of my first video post and the 1bill ISK earned from OMC has died down now and I’ve been reduced to humble reflection mode. Aside from the issues I’m facing with the corporation slowing down (I’m seriously considering getting directly involved in a leadership role now, fingers crossed that I won’t be a total failure), I’ve come to realise that just because I have ISK doesn’t mean I should spend it.

When fortune smiles on me, why is it that I can forget so quickly the trials and tribulations before I am graced by such luck?

Two Vexor Navy Issues have burned already. I am not going to throw the rest of my ISK away so lightly.  I need to reconsider my goal in lieu of my progress report, and refocus.

-screws eyes up in concentration-

-thinks hard-

-opens eyes-


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Filling an infinite void.

I’ll have to give credit to Viceorvirtue (and by extension Calamitous-Intent) here for more or less throwing me into FW. The ISK question as a newbie is one that cannot be avoided. All pilots should come out of the tutorial and maybe the SoE arc (highly recommend doing this if only because you need to find a friend to finish off the last part) and answer the call of his or her wallet. Usually, this answer aligns with the path the pilot chooses to follow.

When you decide you want to be a PvP pilot, really the options are narrowed down to PvE (and at the high-end of this, incursions), FW, or getting into PvP without joining FW.

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