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EDU Recap

EveDownUnder: Revi’s recap

I had arrived at Sydney on Tuesday, 18th November with a friend who did not play EVE. We had made plans to explore the state whilst we were there and as such, I missed Friday’s night-time revelry and the pub crawl since outside of the necessities (some may argue the pub crawl was a necessity) I was chilling with him. I began with that because if you were hoping for tales of drunken exploits, I wish from the bottom of my heart I could satisfy you but alas, not a drop of alcohol was imbibed that weekend.

I kind of wish I was drunk for the events I did attend, though.

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Woohoo! Schedule is out, I’m speaking FIRST out of all the short-form presenters. Yikes. I hope I don’t drop the ball and make people leave before the others get a chance to speak, BUT 15 minutes isn’t too tough to get through. Fingers crossed, stomach butterflies are fluttering. Meeting all my fellow spacefriends (and devs in real life for the first time ever!) is going to be awesome, awesome, awesome.

So I’m sitting here before we head out to the airport to get me to Sydney, and I just realised I won’t be able to blog at all for the next week. Even if I did find an opportunity I won’t get any meaty posts in. 😦

Oh well, big recap post and hopefully pictures if I’m feeling the photogenic in me. He’s usually AWOL, forgive me.

So, dear readers, I’ll see you, along with my alliance, in a week’s time.


Also regretting not setting up some alliance propaganda to bring along. Ah well, there’s always next year.

EVE’s aussie radio show delivers… again!

So I mention a post about unpredictability, and the fickle Gods of New Eden answer with IceIce Baby Toralen‘s generosity. She gave out something like 50 Gnosi (plural of Gnosis?) hulls, one of the most versatile hulls in New Eden. today to us show listeners and/or participants.

Thank you Ms. Toralen and all you do for the EVE Down Under show! To you readers in the United States, check out some of the recent recorded podcasts. Some days it can be worth you guys going nocturnal for!

Now… how to fit out my new baby. >:)

Laying down the sword…

Today was a good day…


Awesome Friday night down in Australia. Managed to get a free night to listen to the awesome crew doing the weekly EVE Down Under, something of a ritual for many Aussie players I think. Definitely fun to listen to the hosts’ takes on recent patches, upcoming patches and null-sec politics (which I have no clue about but I listen intently anyway because it sounds intriguing). I especially enjoyed the argument around the end-game, and what content exists in the end-game after Titans. But I won’t go any further, and will highly recommend you download the podcast and have a listen for this week! Also, perhaps just this once, listeners got to witness  nGR rDNx struggling to pronounce my character name! At least until some smart cookies in the EDU chat channel discovered out what is hidden behind a seeming jumble of random letters. 😛 The collective, revelatory ‘ooooohh’ was supremely satisfying.

The reason for my name even making its way into the show is, awesomely enough, because I somehow won a freighter answering this question at the end of the show: “Who wrote Templar One?”, combined with the keyword riptide delivered at the beginning of the show.

And to top it off, CCP Mimic made a special guest appearance for today’s show! Not only did she give awesome insights into some of the topics discussed and how CCP was adapting to the new 5-weekly patch cycle, but she was the one that judged that I was the 5th correct answer (based on the conditions of that prize giveaway, the 3rd and 5th answers got freighters) and officially got me the freighter! Woo-hoo!

It’s officially 41 days until the Eve Down Under event itself in Sydney, and (spoilers!) this may be part of my speech for the event. I’m certainly aiming for this sort of vibe, but I’ll try not to let too much on; according to my blog stats I do have some Australian readers, and some may be attending EDU, so I’m not going to spoil it for them.

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I was selected as a short-form speaker for Eve Down Under.

I actually applied for long-form, because it’d mean I got my ticket free. It wasn’t that I was just doing it for the free ticket, though; I reckon even 9 months into EVE (almost at 15m SP!!!!), I could fill 40 minutes with an interesting spiel about what I’ve done.

So Bam Stroker contacted me a few days ago and I was a little confused because we had never really spoke except for at one Melbourne meetup and that was pretty brief, then it dawned on me: he was contacting me about the speech.

I braced myself and was 100% prepared for the unfortunate apology and how there was simply too many other good applicants, and I would nod and accept my fate and attend EDU and enjoy it as a fellow attendee and try to go for the PvP tourney, and have some fun around Sydney while I’m there, and that would be that.

But Bam, in his grace and wisdom, decided to throw me into a short-form slot instead. So some time during the Saturday of EDU, I’ll be speaking to fellow EVElings about an interesting thing or two about my EVE career so far.

I’ve got to say, all I feel is relief. I’ll admit here I haven’t actually spoken in front of a crowd for 45 minutes before, and I even offered my new short-form place to someone else if necessary. But apparently I’m good to go for the short-form speech, received a confirmation mail today requiring me to get my speech and all that good stuff in some time before the actual event.

Cool beans. My school teachers used to tell me I was good at speaking. But they never had me speak in front of fellow adults on a topic that many take more seriously than anything I talked about in school.

We’ll see, then, how this turns out. If it’s good, good. If it sucks I’ll make sure it’s uploaded to YouTube anyway. Humility is the first step to improvement, right?

Two posts in a day. Binge-blogging.