Developing a taste for cruisers

I started off EVE in Vexors. Lots of them. I died in that trusty hull a lot, and it’s elegant curves kept me company in the coldest of stations. It was love at first sight that first fateful day that I opened the Interbus Ship Identification System.

But as time went on, I realised I had misplaced my early love. Frigate warfare was a new, more flirtatious mistress. A lovely, petite thing that happened in the blink of an eye. Her enchantment hit me unguarded, and I was swooning and wanting to know all about the many hulls and ways to fly those nimble little things.

Alas, I realise I am a fickle man; the call of the cruisers is burning inside me once more.

If you have a look at my killboard, my most recent notable losses have been a Deimos and just tonight, a Curse.

In both of them, I managed to find really amazing fights, and the best part is, I can find no way to regret the fights in which I lost them, because in both instances, I came out realising I could’ve done better.

And that’s exciting and fresh. Frigate warfare, as versatile and fast-paced as it is, is being outshone now by the whole new game that is cruiser small gang warfare. It literally feels like a whole new game. It hit me tonight, that I was flying a Curse like it was a frigate, and I was doing it all wrong.

I used to say once you master frigate warfare, everything else is the same thing in slow motion. This is still kind of true, but the fact that things DO move in slow motion doesn’t mean things happen slower.

In fact, whereas a frigate fight may involve two-three active modules at best, cruisers start to see slots for more EWAR, scripts changing, cap booster reloading, drone swapping, repairs cycling, neuts/smartbombs pulsing.

On the face of things, everything dies slower, but in that pod your capsuleer is frantically trying to manage even more aspects of the ship, such that maybe cruiser pvp in its own way is just as fast-paced as frigates.

When this realisation hit me, when I realised being decent at frigate pvp did not mean I automatically became good at cruisers, I was hit by a lightning bolt of energy. Suddenly, I want to become good at cruiser pvp too.

My most recent cruiser skirmishes have opened my eyes. I can see the course I have decided to take now. It is littered with wrecks of t1 cruisers of all shapes and sizes.

But even so, I’ve done it. I’ve found the next spark of excitement that’ll keep me stuck on EVE for another year or so.

You see, I’m a simple man. I suppose after cruisers, it’ll be battle cruisers and battleships. Slowly, I’ll master every single aspect of sub-cap PvP. And that’s how I’ll end up deriving years of fun from this game.

But first, I need to grind some ISK.


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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