Shiny things! Oh, and the Oceanic Assault result.

I’ve been holding onto a PLEX for a while now, I think I got one from some event that I can’t remember now. I think EDU? Probably EDU.

Anyway, I sold it at 97x million today, because I’ve become too lazy to convert my LP.

I’m horrible.

But anyway, with the influx of fresh ISK, I made two major purchases that I’m super excited about.

1. Impel

The Amarrian Deep Space Transport – Impel

I was going to train Imogen into a booster character, and have it sit around giving me warfare links and stuff. But then I realized my first issue was having ships in the first place. Logistics is an interesting question we have to address, especially in FW, and most especially since I have a tendency to take more fights than I really should.

So I cooked up a new Eve-Mon plan for her, and now she can fly a Deep Space Transport!

It’s the fleet hangar that made me drool. 57500m3 with Transport Ships III and a modest but sufficient cargo bay, it can haul 23 frigate hulls and their fittings at a time, or 5 cruisers, a destroyer and a frigate, and any of the combinations in between. Modules would probably only exceed the cargo bay if I wanted to haul cap boosters, but I’ve got those sorted out inside low-sec already. Luckily for me armour plate mass was normalised to match other modules back when they tiericided them a few months ago. That saves me a lot of pain worrying about cargo space to haul my modules.

Mmmm, ships.

From a PvP perspective, the Impel is also cool also because of the sheer tanking capability. With a bonus for overheating armour repairers and hardeners, on top of natural resists, the right Impel fit could tank as well as a Marauder while overheating. Incredible.

The sort of experimentation I get up to when I’m bored in a FW plex. Click to enlarge!

2. Deimos

Deimos or "die most"? Stay tuned to find out. :)
Deimos or “die most”? Stay tuned to find out. 🙂

First Heavy Assault Cruiser I’ve flown, and I highly doubt it will be the last. The Deimos is awesome because even though people think you have the fit most people have, it has ample fitting space and a very strong capacitor to give you a bit of freedom to… think outside the box. I’m hoping this guy will live longer than I expect it to, because I have great plans and numerous fits I want to try out on the hull.

I also just wanted to fly something new, and big, and shiny. Dessies and down still hold my interest especially since I can fly the Hecate, but a change of scenery is nice to refresh my perspective. Besides its versatility, the Deimos is a ship that can put out respectable DPS whilst still holding itself alive independently if there isn’t too much enemy DPS or neuts on the field. A great all-rounder, I suppose. The Ishtar was an interesting second choice especially with the extra low slot it now has, but active tanking ships have held a special place in my heart, ever since I flew the humble Incursus. So I succumbed to the charm of the Deimos. May it live well and pay out a grand insurance when it finally goes pop, I’m predicting somewhere in the very near future.

3. So Revi, what happened in your Oceanic Assault match.

Well I’ll just say first of all I lost.


However, it was a great match. Throughout, it was an intense struggle of me trying to get close enough to run multifrequency to have sufficient DPS to break his tank, but far enough that he couldn’t snare me and pummel me to bits with his blasters.

Lots of times I had to pull range to get a breather, and spent it sniping him with Aurora. It was an epic stalemate, and at one point we were both in structure as I guess he forgot to load charges and I got too close to his guns. In the end I was the one who made the fatal mistake of getting into range too directly, and Joffy capitalised on it perfectly with an MWD burst into my face to seal my fate.

He also killed my webifier drones! I’ll admit, I didn’t expect anyone to notice but he did.

If I could’ve done anything differently, I would’ve probably gone for a more aggressive stance in the beginning. I was worried my beams would not track if I orbited close, and that is partially due to my inexperience with the Omen. But applying that early pressure could’ve managed to let me capitalise on the fact that I was dealing EM damage into his natural resist hole, and perhaps sneak in more damage than he might expect. That may have also distracted him from the fact that I was using webifier drones to gain that small but crucial extra speed against another MWD boat.

Alas, I was defeated, in an Omen no less, the same ship which fate decreed I could not win with in the first round of the EDU tournament.

And so, warping home defeated but with the beating heart that accompanies a great fight, I set my route back to Hek and made my way… right through Rancer. I was making a great pun about Omens, actually, in a chat room, before my travel came to an abrupt halt.

2015. Worth aside, the whole day was totally worth it!

Hah, see what I did there?

Big thanks to Chiimera for organising the Oceanic Assault tournament, and I look forward to participating in his future events, and more PvP tournaments in future. I’m bound to win one match eventually. 😛


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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