Theomachy and Oceanic Assault 2015

The two players run events listed above are what I’ve gotten myself involved in so far this year, outside of FW. Let’s get into each of them.


The site explains it well. Essentially it’s a 1v1 t1 cruiser tournament. The first matches begin soon. In a week or so, I believe.

I’m nervous. But it’s the kind of nervous that tugs your mouth into a grin. 1v1s in EVE are exquisite, if undoubtedly frustrating when you just lose one. Solo PvP was what I started Eve Online for, and it still holds a special place in my heart. Going back to good ol’ cruiser fights has my heart pumping. The only issue right now is that the tournament is being held in Amarrian high-sec. I have low security status, and I’m in Minmatar FW. Hopefully the organisers permit me to take my round into low-sec, or I’ll be too busy getting deleted by CONCORD/Faction police to even duel my opponent.

For this tournament I’ve recently been trying to spend some time on Singularity, the test server, to get some practice fighting with other competitors. My main hope is that the matches won’t be decided by the other pilot bringing high-grade implants or something of the like to outperform me because they’re richer. But if it comes to that, I mean, what can I do. I most likely will be looking into possible implants for myself to use as well.


I participated in Theomachy last year, and here’s their site for details if anyone’s interested.

It’s a tournament like OA, but this time it’s a 400-man Hunger-Games-Arena-style free for all on the test server rather than the live one.

Last year I managed to pod two people before dying myself. This year I’m hoping to beat that mediocre performance.

The tournament essentially starts with us in our pods, racing to find frigates for ourselves to start fighting in. The arena, essentially one whole system, refreshes over time and ships get bigger. After I died last year, I had the displeasure of hearing the official announcer say cruisers were now on field. Back then cruisers, specifically Gallente, were all I could fly proficiently, having spent a lot of time training Gallente Cruiser V back then.

Now, with fairly strong frigate and destroyer skills, I can safely say my early game in Theomachy is going to be vastly improved. This means my chances are a little higher in terms of surviving early on, but as things progress, I may struggle to keep up especially with battle cruisers.

Last year I also ran solo. Tempting to try find myself allies this time around, although I wouldn’t mind seeing how far I could lone wolf it again. Surviving alone in an arena full of people looking to hunt you is one of the ultimate tests of ingenuity and quick thinking. Skills I’d like to improve. Of course, having a trustworthy partner to rely on wouldn’t be so bad either.

And more rambling…

Decided to post this after being witness to one of the usual ‘Eve Is Dying’ discussions that one of the channels I inhabit had.

As I said back in my EDU presentation, it’s up to us to create the content. It’s up to us to save subscription numbers. Players come for the face of the game, that’s what CCP can really influence. But they’ll stay for us. Only yesterday, someone who once told me he didn’t know if he’d be around until we won the war zone, said that he’d changed his mind and he’d stick around. Sure, real life may get in the way, but for now that’s all I could ask for.

Today I also watched TEST blow up an Erebus Titan for charity.

It inspires me, looking around right now and back at what I’ve experienced in my 1.5 years of EVE, to see the what the community is capable of. From full-blown pvp tournaments, to in-character lore research communities like Arek’Jaalan, to charity fundraisers, to the squabbles of incursions communities and the unstoppable tides of faction warfare, to huge mining operations and null-sec sovereignty warfare.

All of this, we generated. CCP didn’t decide to pit us against one another, we chose to fight each other. We chose to ally some, shoot some, save some.

If EVE dies, it’s because the next generation of gamers want their content created for them, and if they’re that lazy, they don’t deserve to drag EVE down to cater for their needs.


One thought on “Theomachy and Oceanic Assault 2015”

  1. “… If EVE dies, it’s because the next generation of gamers want their content created for them, and if they’re that lazy, they don’t deserve to drag EVE down to cater for their needs.”


    Well said.

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