Thinking of ways to think.

The Amarr have decided they’ve had enough. Where we were previously taken systems quite easily, it’s like we’re a bird that just dove into water.

They don’t have many systems left, and I must commend them on their fortitude, because they’ve been deplexing systems very consistently for the past week, and at T1 warzone control there’s not much LP to be had by doing it.

What I was worried about was that it would become a war of attrition, and there is a scary possibility that we’re falling in that direction. It’s scary because EVE is a game, and if people aren’t having fun, they won’t want to play. This goes for both sides. It sounds like an absolute grind for the Amarr to have to deplex for nearly no LP all day, and for us, it’s painful to keep running from fleets because the Amarr can simply bring more than what is necessary to fight us.

Sometimes I feel like I’m too much of an optimist. Is war impossible to make fun for both sides? I wholeheartedly understand the Amarr’s strategy, though. They don’t have fun when they bring fleets that we blue-ball, and I doubt they have much fun deplexing, even less so than us o-plexing. They’re trying to deny us content by not giving us fleets we can kill, and simultaneously driving us out of plexes, and also aggressively deplexing.

It’s the reality of New Eden, I guess, and not just New Eden, but a war within such a cold universe. There are going to be people who are not like me, who don’t just want to have fun, but who would rather dominate the field regardless of their own enjoyment.

You may argue that victory is fun for them, but I highly doubt it. If you haven’t grinded FW plexes for hours a day, then you can’t really say “victory is fun”. Because plexing is the foundation of victory in faction warfare, and it’s absolutely dull, especially if the fleets that come after you aren’t worth fighting.

I can safely say I’m willing to resist the Amarr for as long as it takes to win. But will the other militia members? Right now they still join my fleets, but do they want to keep dying for a cause that perhaps only I can clearly see?

Rubs eyes

My big idea right now is to train our individual skill as pilots. This involves a lot of dying. Well, it’s not dying pointlessly. It’s fighting things that you wouldn’t normally fight, because that’s how you discover the limits of your ships. Most of the time, it’ll involve dying.

The problem with this idea now, is that by fighting the fleets that the Amarr bring out, fleets with which they have no intention of losing, not even a single ship, by engaging those fleets, am I giving them content and thus, making them more willing to log on and play?

A few days ago was a prime example. We had frigates supported by frigate logi, with some destroyers, and they equaled our fleet with destroyers alone, and on top of that they had a Griffin, AND an off-grid booster. The odds were totally in their favour, they could’ve fought without ECM or links and left a serious dent in our fleet, but instead they decide to bring a fleet that almost every other FC besides me would probably get us to bail off of, to either reship or go elsewhere.

I fought, and the result was as expected, especially with the Griffin. I tried my best to separate the fleet by warping us around, and I learnt a bit from that, and I do have an idea forming for how to fight them better next time.

But now I’m thinking, should I even fight? I hate to think that. I hate to think that denying content is a valid way of playing the game. I want to believe that everyone can have fun, and the better and more dedicated side will win the war. But that requires a little bit of altruism from both sides to achieve, giving up certain advantages so that fights can be more enjoyable. And if the Amarrians are persuaded to do that, our side would probably take advantage of THEM, and the cycle continues.

There’s no clear answer for me yet, except to take their fights with highly skilled pilots and pick them apart even as they think they had the advantage. I have a lack of highly skilled pilots. I am not a very skilled pilot myself. All the pirate groups are happy to be indifferent to our cause, or remain mostly pro-Amarrian. Some neutrals who support us, I’ve seen, simply get aggravated at the lack of high SP pilots in our militia.

I’m not giving up just yet, but I think being forced to slow our pace is not a time to falter but to retain constant pressure as much as we can, and look for the cracks in their defense. There is no such thing as invulnerability; we’re humans after all.


One thought on “Thinking of ways to think.”

  1. I have done the defensive and offensive plexing and, for me, victory is fun. Believe it or not, there are people out there who find the strategy of EVE more fun than the tactical bits.

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