I return!

Exams are over! Back to the beloved blog… and dying a lot! WOO.

So, I have a month and a half where I can play EVE to my heart’s content… how should I go about this? 🙂

The first order of business, of course, is to get back to WINNING THE WARZONE FOR MINMATAR. Systems are obviously flipping slower now and we’re starting to see more resistance, but constant pressure is what we need right now.

Yesterday, I witnessed a cool little remote-repairing Dragoon fleet the Amarr pulled out on us. Really interesting, one of the rare fleet compositions you see with zero mobility. Presents lots of openings for counter-play, which I’ve got to say, is making me grin. Too often do you see fleets simply one-up the other side in terms of firepower or numbers. When the opponent brings something tactically superior to your fleet, though, it opens up the limitless possibilities of countering that tactic through ingenuity and the incredible amount of options presented to you with EVE’s fitting window. It’s quite a scintillating feeling. Scintillating. What a wonderful word.

Unfortunately though, I doubt we’ll be seeing opportunities for this often, because a week ago I was saying how we were fast approaching crunch time, so to speak, in terms of the warzone effort. Well, a week has gone by, and we’re there, and I don’t know if Amarrians will be playing around with tactics when they can and probably will seek to make it as painful for us to take systems as possible, which means lots of big, scary ships.

Well, I was never one to back down from a challenge. That included the challenge of me trying to do exams with minimal preparation.

… What a bad, bad idea that was.

I don’t want to predict anything right now. Minmatar hold a lot of the systems, but the Amarr could pull together and push back even as we get ever closer to the end. I wish I could fly a dreadnaught. One of those things plus any ragtag cruiser fleet, and any hub that goes invulnerable could be ours. Damnit! Of course, it’s not as easy as that, but hey, if I held a dreadnaught, what else would it be good for? Heheh. But no, T1 cruisers are still surprisingly under-represented in our militia in terms of who can, or is willing to, fly them. I suppose lots of people won’t fly ships without good skills in them, which in EVE makes sense. Why use something sub-optimally when it means you will more likely lose it and waste money? The important thing is, tanking a T1 cruiser is VERY easy. For armour, hull upgrades and mechanics V is probably all you need. For shield, shield operation and upgrades, and hopefully tactical shield manipulation as well, and the tank is most of the ship. If you last, you can apply DPS, and all is well!

Besides FW there are two other interesting things I’ve been thinking of getting involved in with EVE now that I have the time.

One is a proxy for the EveDownUnder show. I’ve posted about the show a couple of times, and it’s great fun, always a joy to listen in on Friday night to wile away the downtime that gets in the way of glorious spaceship business,  but recently the show went on an indefinite hiatus, to return some time in the distant future. Some of us we saddened by this enough to get together and plan something to fill in the hole in our hearts while we wait for the show to return to us. Long story short, there’s probably going to be an attempt by 4-5 of us to try do something similar weekly, prerecorded instead of live until maybe we get confident. Never done podcasts before, it’ll be interesting to give it a go. 🙂

Secondly, considering reactivating my alt., Imogen. Let her account expire early in the year when I was on hiatus, but now I’m feeling the need to have a neutral hauler, especially since my security status is dropping again.

Wouldn’t mind getting another monitor too, but that can probably wait. Just need my own hauler so I can get loads of ships into the warzone, taking them in one by one isn’t good enough at the rate I like to lose my ships! 😀 I mean, a lot of alliance initiatives to supply the warzone with ships are underway, and I support that, but I also don’t want to ask people to seed markets according to my unconventional whims. Dual-tanked frigate logistics, for one. Cruisers with small guns, for another. I love pushing ships to limits that may not be their optimal ones, and seeing what happens. Of course, I do fly standard fits, but if I can I always prefer something weird and wonderful to highly effective. EVE is so much more fun when you step outside of the box. 🙂

Oh, and I also signed up for the Oceanic Assault event! 256-pilot, a LOT of 1v1s, one winner. T1 cruisers with some restrictions. Best thing about it? Oceanic timezone! Hehe, AU TZ BEST TZ!!! 🙂

As always, fun times are ahead. Think it’s very likely I’m going to reactivate my hauler alt, to be honest. I’m running out of ships. Think it’s time to go for a mission run and just cash out and restock…

Man, and only a few months ago, I was content bringing one ship out at a time. PROGRESS!


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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