The calm before the storm

Another two hubs taken for the Minmatar, only lightly opposed by the Amarr.


What’s going on? I dare not hope the other side has given up, so I will assume once again they’re holding back for something big.

The question is: what?

I feel like this is an extremely critical point for the war, which right now for me isn’t the best of times, as exams are right around the corner, and I’ll probably be mentally incapacitated for the next few weeks.

Oh well, I’ll hope the others have what it takes to hold on. Not many others have displayed the same zeal I have for acquiring the victory, though. Most are growing more and more keen for PvP, yes, but not winning the warzone. I’ll admit, it isn’t a tangible goal. It isn’t something you can see the benefits of now, like for example, setting a goal like “I will earn 100m ISK in an hour”. I tried to explain why I did want to win in another post, but as with all things to do with “why I do x”, it probably makes no sense to everything outside my mind. Unless everything is inside my mind. Okay, lets not go there for now.

As I was saying, we’re rapidly approaching the point where there are little enough hubs for the Amarr to defend, that if they wished to defend, they could concentrate their forces and resources to the effort, easily. Interestingly, though, the Minmatar ‘strategy’ of not having a strategy has played in our favour here. What has happened, with us simply taking systems as they become vulnerable with no real direction, is that the Amarr have been left holding on to pockets of systems scattered across the warzone. Simply by taking the path of least resistance, we’ve stumbled perhaps by accident over the true weakness of the Amarr militia.

That is, a lack of solidarity across their whole militia. The fact that their strongholds are not close to each other but rather scattered across the warzone reveal much about how they operate internally. Individually, their groups are strong. Within those alliances and corporations, their individual members are great PvPers, of that there is no doubt. I’ve gone on about how their average pilot probably has more SP than ours.


Just today, our frigate/dessie roaming fleet was sandwiched by two war target fleets. We killed a few of them and bailed, but in local I noticed one WT fleet was apologising to the other for accidentally pointing each other or something. These things do happen, of course, but assuming they’re as good at PvP as they suggest they are, for them to shoot militia shows they do not work together with each other often, or this problem would have been ironed out long ago.

If faction warfare was a house, and everyone who was in faction warfare lived in that house, then right now we’re all sitting here, both Amarr and Matar, looking nervously outside as the windows begin to rattle and the wind starts to howl.

You know what Australia, Westeros and Amarr/Minmatar Faction Warfare have in common?

Winter is coming.

It’s going to be cold, brutal, scary and unpredictable. Who knows what could happen. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Well, it’s not really a secret. The Minmatar hold 54 systems in the warzone, of a 70-system warzone.

There are 16 systems left.

16. Each flip brings us ever closer to the inevitable showdown, where I do not doubt the Amarr will undock everything they have to fight us off.

The medal lies within reach. My exams are also unfortunately within sight. I’m tense with nervous excitement at what the next few weeks will bring.


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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