Carnyx is here!

An interesting choice of name for this month’s patch. Wikipedia tells me a ‘carnyx’ is more or less a trumpet with an animal’s head as the bell; the part where the sound comes out.

Essentially, I suppose when you blow on it, it should look and sound as if the sound is coming out of the snarling face of some wild beast.

Wikipedia also suggests, more importantly, that these wind instruments were used to incite troops to battle.

And here we have a patch that is bringing sweeping changes to null-sec sovereignty as we know it. Connect the dots, and it seems like CCP are calling us to battle. Will the null-sec empires answer? Time will tell.

From a faction warfare/low-sec perspective though, the first thing that springs to mind about this patch is the introduction of the Jackdaw. However, I suppose there have been a few other changes worth mentioning. I’m going to start scrolling down through the official patch notes and see what interests me.

Sentry drone nerfs. Gardes were nerfed hard with a loss to damage, range and tracking, with Curators and Bouncers close behind copping hits to their damage and tracking only. Interesting changes, I don’t see sentries used much in low-sec though. Overall, Ishtar fleets become slightly more engageable at closer ranges, as it has become easier to get under their sentries, and they hit for a bit less.

Police Kronos skin? Sweeeet.

The Jackdaw. Opinions are mixed on this one. Some say it’s coming ‘pre-nerfed’, others say it’s going to rule destroyer PvP for a while. The biggest thing that stands out to me is that the Jackdaw only comes with 2 low slots, which is fairly restrictive. It’s almost inevitable those lows will be used with some kind of damage control/ballistic control unit or damage control/nanofiber combo. The mid slots, combined with the resistances from its defensive mode and the changes to shield extenders after tiericide (I’ll get more into this later), give the Jackdaw potential for a huge shield tank. High base CPU allows for those CPU-intensive launchers, whether they be rockets or light missiles. An interesting possibility for the Jackdaw, with its Sharpshooter bonus and some missile range rigs, is to have a rocket boat that launches out to 20km. With such potential for tank and tackle in the mids, I wouldn’t be surprised to see many heavily-shielded Jackdaw rocket fleets complemented with shield logistics.

New overview icons. I’ve been too lazy to check these out on SiSi, but I’ve seen them in screenshots, and I like them from pictures, at least.

Afterburner and Microwarpdrive changes. All I’ve said to this is, ‘if everyone gets faster, no one gets faster’. Some people are worried about Garmurs, which are currently extremely popular with the Amarr due to them having more warfare link booster alts than us (or at least using them more), becoming even more prevalent and annoying. On the other hand, I see it as more opportunity for people who previously couldn’t catch them, to now have a chance. Sling-shotting a Garmur orbiting at 40km is hard. You have to close a 30km gap to grab an overheated scram, and even then, there is a possibility you might slip out of range, or the Garmur has a defensive scram. Now, a properly executed slingshot will have both sides hurling faster at each other, meaning a Garmur pilot has less time to react. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

With afterburners, the gap between afterburners and microwarpdrives has just grown larger. It’s much clearer now, that if you’re being kited by a microwarpdrive and you’re afterburner fit, you’re probably doomed.

Shield Extender and Armour Plate changes. There is now a reason to use plates besides rolled tungsten. A big one is the huge increases to mass the tungsten plates now add to your ship. Speed will now become an obvious trade-off for tankiness, and if you want to avoid the mass hit, the crystalline plates take up a bit more fitting space. Both the crystalline and tungsten plate variants have been adjusted slightly to give the same raw armour HP bonus.

Shield extenders… hmm. As a wise corporation member put it when we were talking about small shield extenders, “if you multiply 0 by 100 you still get 0”. Many are doubtful that small shield extenders will become a thing, I remain faintly optimistic, and have tried them out on some fits with their new values, to moderate success.

Faction variants of both plates and extenders were rarely seen previously, now there’s a reason to fit them. Faction plate and extenders now give you more HP than their T2 counterparts for a little less fitting requirement, on average. Most interesting to me are the Republic Fleet shield extenders, which I can make. Mmmm.

Okay, well I thought there wasn’t going to be much for low-sec, but after writing all that, perhaps the meta will be shaken up a little. It’s going to be fun to see what happens… but to be honest I’m still waiting for the Gallente T3 destroyer… as it’s currently the only destroyer I have at 5. Training up the Tactical Destroyer skill is going to be painful as I’m remapped in the incorrect attributes, but I’ll suck up the SP inefficiency and do it when the ship hits Tranquility, because I’m jealous watching other people fly their cool transforming dessies.


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