Sebeistor? Or Se-BEAST-or?

That’s right friends, Revi the pun meister is back. It’s 1:30am and by the time I finish this post on my phone with my fat fingers it’ll probably be 2:30, but there’s once again things on my mind.

Let’s get a cool bit of news out of the way first. I can use t2 medium neuts! Fear me.

Besides that, today we plexed up and flipped 3 systems. 3. One, two, THREE.

And by the beard between the legs of Empress Jamyl Sarum, bless her immortality, was there a fight for the last one.

I could regal you with details but I can’t be bothered recounting the whole fight again. I just posted a battle report on it to the corp.

Essentially, there were capitals on both sides. We were, funnily enough, in a frigate/dessie support fleet. And when the fight broke out, our dreads were targeted, as they were sorely lacking support. The interesting thing was, this meant we were mostly free in our little ships to do a lot of things. Harass their EWAR, for one, which drew off their carrier reps. We assisted so much on a carrier kill, apparently one of our damn comets did 4th most damage to the thing. A comet! Speaks volumes about damage application when you’re free to get into optimal ranges.

Anyway a lot of things exploded, and in the end, we certainly won. Of that, there is no doubt. Much effort and most of the losses were incurred by our Russian allies, who incidentally brought the capital ships. Many thanks to their courage tonight.

Without them, those three systems wouldn’t have been touched. We would have probably slipped out of T4 war zone control by downtime.

It was a gigantic success. One of the guys in my fleet was 5 days old, and had shot his first carrier. He was awestruck about how close he got to be to it. I was beaming.

I know kitchen sink fleets are weak. I know we need more discipline with doctrines. I know spies probably infest my fleet. But God damn, just that one guy getting so excited about his first participation on a carrier kill made it all worth it for me.

It really let me, amongst other talks with lots of people as I start to somehow become more noticeable from the background of general militia, it really let me think long-term.

My objective is to win full war zone control. Of this I am adamant. Some old friends and some new ones have asked me to join them. I refuse each one. I have a goal here. I have no illusions it will be easy, no dreams of crushing Amarrian fleets everyday.

I know it will take time. I look into the dark depths of the future, though, and I look without fear. Because I can see the day when that guy who I helped shoot his first carrier at 5 days old will be by my side in the most ferocious of the fighting, in a doctrine ship, fighting at 110%, because he knows me and I trust him. These are the bonds we form, here in the bloodstained skies of the Metropolis and Heimatar regions.

I previously wondered what we could do to get third parties to help us out. Talking was never my strong point. I am a show-er (I know, it look like I’m saying shower. No I am not a shower.), not a say-er. I believe that actions don’t speak louder than words. Actions aren’t louder or softer than words... They simply are. I believe that you bypass cynicism and skepticism if you show people what you’re about, rather than just talk about it.

So I will show all those neutrals out there, from those who may have left us previously to those who have been opposed to us since time immemorial, the spirit of a militia.

If I can. 😛


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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