Remap time!

Been a 1.3 years roughly since I started, so my annual remap has been refreshed. In the beginning I went for Perception/Intelligence, and I think it served me quite well for a PvP focus. Now though, I’m switching to Intelligence/Memory, to catch up on all those core skills that I never quite completed because I can be a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to maximising training efficiency. Hence right now, my skills are heavily invested in spaceship command, gunnery, navigation and a little in missiles. As I said, great for PvP focus, but I do have some catching up to do in other aspects of my character.

Snapshot of my skills/queue.
Snapshot of my skills/queue.

Funnily enough, I’ve crammed the limit of 50 skills into my queue, but the total training time only amounts to ~90 days. Hah. I’m avoiding all the level 5s, though, but the fact that I can avoid them means I still have a lot of training to go to become as well-rounded as I would like.

Anyway, my plan is going to consist of a lot of EWAR support skills, finishing my capacitor skills, bonuses for resistance modules, some drone support skills, polishing off my shield skills… okay, I could go on, but lets not. Suffice it to say EveMon puts my plan at about a year, which is perfect because I will probably switch back to a Perception-based attribute scheme next year (wow that’s a while away), to return to skilling into bigger, badder ships.

Some people say they’re too lazy to remap, and I’ll admit, I put quite some time into developing my character’s skill plan. It’s my justification for not PLEXing my account, I guess. I tell myself if I’m making the most out of my training, I am okay to keep paying for my EVE experience.

Hopefully I don’t get bored of training, but recently I’ve barely paid attention to the skill queue. I still remember complaining about week-long skill trains, but today I looked at my 80-day skill queue BEFORE the remap, and I considered just letting that finish before I remapped. But I knew I’d throw more on top of that queue and end up never remapping. The thing is, in terms of gunnery and spaceship command, the skills I can train now benefit only a few ships, or unlock certain ships. These core skills I have switched to training, benefit ALL if not most of the ships I can and will fly in future. It’s a good time to start thinking about them, since I’m not exactly losing EVERY fight I pick nowadays, and can probably step back from aggressively training pure combat skills.

Although I did lose three ships yesterday, in three 1v1s. Was a bit disappointed, but all good, they were good fights!


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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