Brutor force

Not the smoothest of puns, but nevertheless, today the militia (or at least some 15-20 of us) managed to haul our warzone control up to tier 4 by increasing the level of most of our infrastructure hubs to 5.

With this comes, frankly, exorbitant LP gains. I put in around 500 thousand LP to the hub-upgrading effort as that was all I had on hand, and one mission run later, I was back to 600 thousand. Abso-frikkin’-lutely ridiculous.

Before everyone drops what they’re doing to join and farm Tribal Liberation Force (TLIB) LP, though, it is important to keep in mind basic microeconomics, supply and demand in particular. When supply exceeds demand, price falls. The market is going to be flooded by TLIB LP, and converting items into LP get a little less profitable because of it. I don’t really see any problems with that, on my end. Even at a very weak conversion rate of perhaps 400-500LP/ISK, a single mission that yields 60,000 LP is 24-30 million ISK. Optimising the missioning lets you do them all in about… 2 to 3 hours, for a total of 12 missions, lets say.

12 x 30 is 360m, so at a VERY WEAK conversion rate, you’re earning a tidy sum of a bit over 100m/hour. Great stuff!

Anyway, I drew the name of today’s post from the fact that we were sitting at around 52% warzone control when the call went out for people to contribute LP to the i-hubs. I was doubtful, but I went ahead and joined up, since I had recently sold quite a bit of LP items, and my wallet was looking healthy.

We went ahead and crammed LP into any and every hub, and within an hour, we had jumped warzone control by 8%. Brute force. Incredible. This was thanks to the efforts of, don’t forget, 20 of us at most, if the fleet was any indication.

It stirs my loins heart to imagine what could be possible with 40, or 60 people. Unimaginable strength lies right within our grasp. The militia is waiting to be awoken. I just know it!

It’s been a few months now since I rejoined FW, and the last month, I’ve been actively pushing for things to happen. Fleets, missions, everything. Are things stirring? I think so. Would things have begun stirring if I hadn’t been involved? Probably. Have I contributed anything? A little.

Having more things to do is always good, and the most important thing is to keep things happening. I’ve been searching for little things to do that involve other people that can be fun, whilst also productive, that isn’t as tiring as leading fleets into PvP. It’s hard. Plexing in a fleet is boring because there’s less chance people will fight you; it’s more of a magnet for PvP if you’re alone. FW missioning in fleets is an avenue I’m looking down though. I’ve already tried one, and I think it’s okay. The worrying thing is spending TOO MUCH TIME missioning until it’s dead boring, too. The interesting thing is, enemy fleets might try attack us in missions, which could lead to very cool fights.

Also, just as pilots are learning to trust me as an FC, I want to start to learn to trust THEM to deliver what I ask for in PvP situations. You see, when an FC calls targets, there are two things he or she looks for.

One: what to shoot. This is the obvious one, relies on the FC’s experience, knowledge and skills. Also involves being able to make that decision and convey it to the fleet in a manner that brooks no argument.

But there is also two: That the fleet is shooting. An FC can call a target, but if the fleet doesn’t manage to perform the requested action of shooting it to the best of their ability, there’s a problem. In the chaos of PvP, newbies will usually forget to do something. Get in range. Turn off prop mod to let their guns track. Make their drones attack. Lock up and shoot wrong targets. Panic and freeze. Who knows? The FC doesn’t, he’s too busy watching the field and trying to keep the fleet as a whole together. Losing those little bits of efficiency matters! I don’t think I’ve ever brought this up, but this was very obvious in The Black Sails. As me and my pirate friends went on more fleets together, we constantly flew the same frigate fleets, but over time, things died whereas previously, things were not pointed, things were not within the required range.

This is all rectified by PvP experience, something I think the militia might lack. Now that I think back, I have mentioned that FW is more attractive for the ISK than the fights; people who lust for PvP will most likely turn to piracy first, and if they DO join FW, they move on to piracy when FW does not satisfy their cravings for the fights where their experience and skill points can actually be put to the use.

Some pilots in MinFW have great mechanics and skill, and those are the ones that obviously post their kills in militia chat, and this makes it look like we’re good, but overall, the average pirate corporation WILL have more “PvP skill” than a militia fleet.

Which means, I’m jumping the gun. I have to go back to the basics. Fight big things in small fleets. Cheap fleets.

… Wow, it feels like I’ve gone a full circle. I KNOW this has happened before, in The Black Sails we tried cruiser fleets with almost no success compared to our frigate gangs, but as time went on, we slowly became more comfortable with the frigates, and hence, became much more confident in bigger ships.

I think I’ve been too worried about reputation. In The Black Sails, initially at least, the only FC that did things was probably me. It didn’t matter if the content I provided was whelps, it was content nonetheless. Here in militia, if my fleets suck, there are probably other options and people willing to take over.

Well, screw that! Restricting the militia from sorely-needed experience, including that of losing ships, is only going to hurt them in the long-run. Same for my attempts at an SRP. I can’t spoon-feed them, they need to be tough soldiers, and the weak ones will just have to man up and stand tall with us, or else they will become a drain on resources down the track.

It’s time to revisit what I do best: whelping fleets. 🙂


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