“You hit Amarrian Infrastructure Hub for… PROTEUS ON SCAN!!!!”

Tried to bash Kurniainen again.

Once again, Amarrians send in a neutral hyper-tanked Proteus to bait tank for their fleet to arrive. Funny thing is, the Proteus was bait for a fleet of armour battleships and cruisers, 3 Guardians with an Exequror, more than capable of repairing all our DPS alone. Don’t see why they needed him.

Don’t see why they needed three Guardians either. I am more than willing to fight them even if the battle looks slightly uphill, but wow, they just don’t want a fight at all. To be honest, I’m just whining. Of course, if they can field something that can utterly destroy us, why wouldn’t they?

Frustration stems from the fact that I really can’t think of anything to do. Do I sink to their level and find neutrals of my own? Is that the best option? I was contemplating it in the previous post, but it’s a double-edged sword. How do I know I can trust people who aren’t in militia, who haven’t proven themselves to me?

It’s also my stubbornness. I see the Amarrians bring battleships, T2 logistics, neutrals, links, and a whole array of other things to compensate for their cowardice lack of numbers, and I want to destroy them and crush their smug fleets. Today though, they had equal numbers, but their ships were simply a class above.

3 Guardians. 3! We brought two Augorors, for Christ’s sake. Oops, there I go again, having to justify why I ran away. That’s the real painful thing, the running.

Would I bring a good fight to the Amarrians if I had the option to field something unstoppable? I don’t know, perhaps. But for now, we are still the underdogs, and on this front at least, we’re fighting uphill all the way.

I wonder if null-sec is like this on a larger scale. Someone fields 200-man fleet, roams for fights, nothing shows up until a 400-man fleet that has been forming for the past hour prepares to crush them, forcing the 200 to either run or give it their best shot. Running leads to no fun for both sides, but the difference in FW, I suppose, is that the Amarrians are certainly defending their systems. And that defense, I suppose, gives them some pleasure. I worry we won’t be able to burn them out before they whittle our momentum down.

All these attempts, too, are taking up a lot of my time. Lol. I shouldn’t be playing so much EVE, but I can’t help myself. I think I need to start imposing limits. Probably for the best; blogging after I should be asleep is bad. It relaxes the mind though, especially after a stressful fleet.

Speaking of which, it’s really difficult to maintain control of your fleet when you have to bash the hub, fend off the kitey crap that comes in to harass you, and also keep in mind the plexers trying to keep control of the system’s vulnerability. It stretches one to his mental limits, and having to run after all that, is just sad. I feel more sorry for my fleet. Nothing happened. I have my burning desire to win the warzone, I don’t think many others share in the strength of that dream. People want action, and I couldn’t really give them much for a few hours, those same hours are probably all the daily play time some of them get.

If the Amarrians intend to just shut down all our attempts at bashing that system, I guess I need to go with the flow. Bend like a reed in the wind, as they say, instead of trying to take a hurricane like a brick wall. I must look at other ways to further our cause, without slowly eroding our morale. I can think of few ways, I guess.

Also, I’m poor again. Waiting for the next round of LP items to sell. If anyone knows anyone who wants Tempest Fleet Issue blueprint copies, I can assure you the ISK will go to good use. 🙂

Being poor makes me think more innovative, though. I have an idea with FW missions. More later!


5 thoughts on ““You hit Amarrian Infrastructure Hub for… PROTEUS ON SCAN!!!!””

  1. From an outsider – step away for a bit and see the wood for the trees.

    The Amarr are doing keeping their eye on the ball – the objective is war zone control – doing everything in their power to achieve this.

    From this vantage point it seems like you are complaining about a superior force – be it better ships, larger numbers, more logi, more friends – than yours, ousting you and achieving their objective. All is as it should be.

    If the objective was “gud fights” then you may have had a point, but as it stands – with your stated objective ostensibly also being war zone control – well you see where this is going?

    That said – keep up the good work – almost makes me want to join FW by reading this blog…

    1. I’ll admit this is a bit petty; they are simply doing what’s necessary. I am just annoyed because even if we have the ISK, our pilots barely have the SP to field the same or even close to similar.

      This hurdle can only be surmounted with time and I’m an impatient man. ;P

      1. Let me know if you’re still likely to be cash strapped (or ISK strapped), and I’ll have a nosey to see what the going rates are.

        Hek couldn’t be more perfect, it’s the closest trade hub for me, living in Metropolis space.

        Keep the blogs coming mate, they’re quite inspirational. They make me want to throw caution to the wind and come along on one of your jaunts. Mind you, my clone would be dead quicker than you could say ‘don’t do THA…..’

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