Today, I ended up standing down a hub bashing fleet because the opposition formed up too much for us to handle. We had a kitchen sink DPS fleet to bash the hub, mostly shield cruisers. The Amarrians initially brought their usual kiting ships, being a pain to us from afar. Eventually, though, they formed up T3 battlecruisers. I would’ve fought the attack battlecruisers, however, they threw a Vargur at us, and that was when I had to sound the retreat.

The funny thing was, the Vargur wasn’t Amarrian, it was a neutral pirate. Another pirate from the same corporation landed with the Amarrians in a Machariel too. I enjoyed teasing them about it in local, and was especially amused when they dared to say the  neutrals were just random, when I had witnessed with my own eyes a pirate and an Amarrian warping to the same tactical on the hub, not to mention undeniable fact that the Vargur didn’t engage the Amarrians after we warped away, but instead both proceeded to trash talk in local. Fun.

Admittedly, I may have had the last word, but it was after we ran, and it ain’t really satisfying. The problem is, how do we beat them if we have to worry about back-up coming to their aid from all sides? It’s difficult to create a fleet with the resources we have that can combat the threats the Amarrians can call in, that can still bash the hub. All they have to do is put pressure on plexes, continually kite us, harass us until our DPS is distracted, and do so until their reinforcements arrive.

The hub bashers are generally at a disadvantage because of this. We have to defend ourselves AND hit the hub; defenders only have to stop us from bashing, and this can be done by running plexes. This means attackers also need forces to protect the plexes, or else provide enough DPS to crush the hub before the defensive plexing brings the hub back to invulnerable state.

I want to fight them, but I don’t often see the Amarrians bring a force we can contend with. They either harass us from a distance or bring enough to utterly crush our forces.

As for our own troops, I hope calling off a bash half-way into it isn’t too demoralising for them. In that regard, it’s a gamble. We blue-ball the Amarrians until they get too frustrated to even try assemble a force, or our own militia dissipates and doesn’t attend hub bashes because it feels like we go no where.

The problem is, we don’t have the capabilities to take on the Amarrians head on in a brawl. So we need different methods. As much as I wish I could be that white knight on a huge war stallion that can trample over all opposition, while my allies rally by my side, it ain’t going to happen. So, discard honour, and embrace the darkness of New Eden.

To date, my solo PvP has instilled in me a sort of code of honour in PvP where I am offended when enemies bring unfair fights to our doorstep, and hence I am also reluctant to field the scummiest of the scum when it comes to fleet compositions.

Let us see how far I am willing to sink, to what lengths I can possibly go, simply for the sake of victory.


One thought on “Resistance”

  1. One might suggest that the spectre of a Machariel and a Vargur might attract more than just sharks in the water….

    Some pirates have their own enemies, not knowing the identity of these neutrals, I can only guess. If they are those that I think they are, then reaching out to other groups might be a prospect for success…

    Rob K.

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