Achievement Unlocked: Hub BASHED!

Led my first successful FW hub bash fleet today.

Before that, I ran for a few hours with an assorted T1/T2/destroyer fleet, with huge success, highlights being us snagging an Armageddon and a fleet of Confessors, Worms, and Comets (admittedly in this fight we outnumbered them, however the amount of us that was fast enough to chase them down kinda made it an equal fight). Minimal losses incurred; we did lose a Sabre outside a plex when he was too slow to warp inside, and once we were prepared to fight that cruiser fleet they disappeared on us, but oh well!

Anyway, another great day of FCing, I’m getting very lucky. Reputation is quite important, as I just realised today. In my other post on initiative, I had thought that all I had to do was be there to start things, and people would follow. I was wrong. Today, someone pointed out my apparent short career in militia (I’m approaching a month back in TRIAD now I believe) and my “industry” career in my previous corporation, aptly named High Life Industries, as reasons I should not lead a fleet.

I tried to explain but he was having none of it and promptly left the fleet. It was interesting because it appeared that firstly, he had not noticed I was in FW prior to me rejoining a month ago, and he definitely didn’t understand my stint in High Life was under the broader alliance of The Black Sails, in which I did nothing that could be labelled ‘industrial’, unless of course we can call PvP an ‘industry’. I suppose in a way, it could be.

So I found out that people actually do judge you, though most people seem to be tactful enough to keep their mouths shut and give me a go, at least. Which means it is important to build some kind of reputation. I think one Rob Kaichin commented about this on a previous post of mine, about how I had to build rep. I kinda ignored it at the time because I believed it was enough to just be active.

I mentioned I was getting very lucky before. Here’s why. As soon as I realised I had to make a name for myself in militia, I also realised I was already well on the path to doing so. Firstly, shooting things. PvP and FW go hand in hand, and my love for the pew means I get a lot of kills, and this morning I was awarded 3 decorations from TRIAD. For those who haven’t managed decorations before, you get a “Permissions” tab next to the “Medals” tab in your profile, and you can modify which medals can be hidden or shown there.

I chose to show one: 125 kills in the name of… etc. Why? Because I guess I want the decorations to reflect what I’m about. I need a bibliography of myself when people access the only public information they have about me, so they can get comfortable with what I am. I hate building things up about myself because it’s horrible tearing those walls down when I try to get to know new people. It’s like, instead of being able to interact on a blank space, there are predefined routes or lines or pictures that people get when they see me. Unfortunately, the mysteries of  human interaction thrives on assumptions, and having something on your canvas lets you connect with others – whether for better or for worse – a lot easier. So, slightly happy and slightly embarrassed, I set that decoration public.

Another reason why I’m lucky: As soon as that guy called me out for being a ‘miner’ (he used that exact word), and for only being in militia for a month, I led an awesome fleet, took a break, then led a successful bash fleet. It wasn’t too eventful, but I’ll break it down quickly.

2 hours before downtime, we had 2 people. I kept persisting, and next thing you know, we had 20. An hour before downtime, the system we wanted to bash was vulnerable. A squad of Russians joined us to add even more DPS. The hub’s shields started to take a serious beating.

The opposition was minimal. The Amarrians who came numbered around 5-7, and they came first in sniping Omen Navy Issues and Exequror Navies, then they upshipped to Oracles and Talos’ when we caught some of their cruisers. Our strategy was to ignore them. They popped a few of our smaller ships, but cruisers had enough tank to take their initial hits, warp off, and return to continue applying DPS to the hub.

With them buzzing around our ears, we ground through the armour of the I-hub, and as the hub sounded its death knell, I died. LOL.

I was in a dual-repped Vexor, and I was tanking the DPS of a lone Oracle fine. Next thing you know, they all switch to me, I activate both reps, but I couldn’t find anywhere to warp to. Yep. I panicked, searching for a visible celestial to warp to, without even thinking to try use my overview. In the end I found the star above me, so close yet so far, a cold, burning maiden of beautiful indifference… and my Vexor exploded.

We took the hub, though, and the rest of the fleet got home safely. Success! And thusly, today I have managed to further my reputation  (god I have to say that through my teeth, it just doesn’t suit me) in the eyes of our militia. I hope.


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