Funnies (pictures!)

Haven’t had many pictures in posts lately, and it’s 2am, too tired to bother with a proper post, so lets do a mini-slideshow!

Bought a Cruor today, ISK is starting to flow in from missions now. ❤


Also got a Vengeance, can’t wait to try this baby out with some fleet buddies.


Got demoted for “acts of brutality” against my own militia. Well heck, I just declined one mission. Sheesh. Sensitive agents much? Also I realised I don’t have any SP in the Security Connections skill, which improves LP gains from missions by 10% each level. Not sure how it stacks against LP acquired in FW missions, but that’s potentially a LOT of profit I’m missing out on. Must buy skillbook soon.


And finally… trying to mission when you’re half asleep leads to bad times. I just approached a blob of rats inside the mission and got popped… lol. Didn’t help that I escaped the first time and tried to go back in the second time with 5% structure. Woops.



2 thoughts on “Funnies (pictures!)”

  1. Don’t think that the dialogue box hides the truth!
    You’re just another of those dirty cloaky mission runners.
    I know you now. I will watch for you in the dark places. I will point you with the force of a thousand suns!

    Or maybe I’ll just sit here blathering on 😛

    Rob K.

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