Sprouts to saplings

Progress!? PROGRESS!?!?!?

I don’t want to say anything for sure, but it’s been a few weeks now since I’ve started breathing my own life (or I guess just bad breath) into the militia, and they’re… stirring.

Over these few weeks I’ve been trying little things here and there, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I’d list some of the things I’m doing, BUT the Amarrian spies in militia chat can probably tell you well enough! >:)

No, nothing really worth posting about. 🙂 Just ideas, half-formulated and ethereal, like jigsaw puzzle pieces accidentally dropped into your morning coffee.

If anything substantial comes out of it, I’ll consider posting. But of course, feel free to just EVE-mail any Amarrian spies, they’ll know more than me, even.

Anyway, this post isn’t going to be too long. Every time I write a post it seems to go for too long, and I end up saving it as a draft because half way through I realise it’s all over the place, and I had no clear idea as to what I wanted to write, and I say I’ll open up the draft another day and finish the post… there’s probably a dozen drafts sitting around that I haven’t touched since I wrote them.

Back to it, then! One thing I can openly mention is that I’ve been encouraging the militia to stock up on ships in the warzone. You see, in FW, when you call for a fleet to form-up, everyone is eager… and fly straight to the nearest trade hub to re-ship.

-cue facepalm-

There are numerous problems with this. Firstly, in FW, you’re in a state of perpetual war with two other militias, and to be honest, our Gallente ‘allies’ aren’t really truly allies either, no matter what the lore may dictate. So going to trade hubs means you run the risk of getting shot on hubs, at gates if you don’t jump quickly, and into gate camps if you’re reshipping to cruisers which are too slow to get away from most camps.

Secondly, trade hubs are FAAAAR, usually. 30 minutes can be added onto original form-up time simply because when 1 person joins late, everyone has to wait for him/her to come from a trade hub. And if we leave them behind to catch-up… well, they’ll probably die on the way.

Thirdly, FW systems are in low-sec. You know what else is in low-sec? Pirates. You know what pirates are? Opportunists. I should know, I’ve flown as a pirate. It doesn’t take much to watch cruisers trickle in from trade hubs for a pirate corporation to realise what’s going on, and set up more camps along the way. Have I mentioned how most pirates seem to be partial towards the Amarr, too?

So a fleet is called to form up, in cruisers. People go do their thing, and fit out ships, taking around 20-30 minutes if we’re lucky. They start coming back. Some get caught on gate camps. Some get through but get station camped. Some take the long way… and hit another camp anyway.

Then people give up as soon as their new cruiser is popped, because they just experienced the pain of fitting it all up and having to fly it SO FAR from a hub into the warzone, also dodging the dangers of going to a hub when you’re in FW in the first place.

It’s… pointless strife that can be avoided. So I’ve been telling people to avoid it by putting ships in the warzone. I’ve been repeating it, making slogans out of it, simplifying it, sharing fits for people who ask. Essentially all I am doing is telling people what to do and making it as easy as possible to do, and answering as many questions as I can about it. High visibility is really important, you’d be surprised how many people will listen if you just keep repeating yourself. I might post about that another time, though.

The best thing about this, though, is that the Amarrian spies really can’t do anything about it. So what if I tell my militia to bring ships into the warzone. I’m not telling them what, where, when, who, why or how. I’ll leave it up to them to find the safest routes and the safest times. And once we achieve a decent stockpile, we can form diverse fleets much quicker. I’ll have a short window of free time soon; I may try and see whether people have actually been moving ships, or whether it’s just been all talk.


3 thoughts on “Sprouts to saplings”

  1. Don’t most people already stock their ships inside the warzone or at least in a connected lowsec system? If I had to fly to a trade hub every time I lost a ship I would get to do much else.


  2. Readiness is a fleet objective in and of itself.

    Every big task can be separated into smaller tasks. Put them on paper and make it a social thing and suddenly you are in that magical state of “organization.”

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