Weekend warrioring!

This weekend has been nothing short of incredible. No losses!? Fleets led! Null-sec roamed!? A whole bunch of kills (I did do DUST OBs so that inflated the kills value a bit)?! A CARRIER DOWNED!?!?!?!?!

The highlight of this glorious weekend, though, has got to be my most recent kill:

I solo’d a Daredevil in my Comet! WOOHOO.

The story is pretty simple. I was doing a FW plex in my Comet, the Daredevil appeared outside, I ran when it warped in. I returned to the plex, the daredevil left system. A few minutes later, he came back. This time, I steeled myself and prepared for a fight.

As soon as it landed inside the plex I let it have a good try at locking me before warping to the sun. He chased me. The catch was, I warped to 10km. In the time it took for him to return after I bailed the first time, I did a bit of research, and found a previous Daredevil loss, and it was blaster fit. That one was shield tanked, though; I got a little scared when he started armour repping in this fight.

What saved me was the 10km I managed to get between him and me. I had railguns, and as you can see in his lossmail, he had navy antimatter loaded in his blasters; the range on that ain’t so impressive. I had an afterburner, he had a web. His web is 90%, so my range advantage wouldn’t last long. My second trick up my sleeve, though, was that my comet was dual web + afterburner fit. No point in the mids. I overheated both webs, and probably achieved something like a 70% slow on him. He reeled me in nevertheless, and was hitting harder every second the fight dragged on, but by then it was too late. He was in low structure, and he had only just begun to chip at my structure even as both of us overheated our reps. I heated my guns, and that was that.

Fun times; one of the more exhilarating solo experiences I’ve had. Speaking of which…

It’s becoming harder to tell whether I like solo PvP or fleet commanding more. Weird, isn’t it. You’d think they’re mutually exclusive. Either you like solo, or fleet command, but not both. On the contrary, I’m feeling torn between the two.

I think in the end, I enjoy EVE’s PvP in all its forms. Solo would be awesome to be amazing at, but so would FCing. So would logi-ing. So would being a pro tackler, EWAR pilot, cloaky bomber. Small gang is incredible fun, duo PvP is pretty sweet if you can find a good friend, larger fleets are crazy too in that you have time to develop a strategy and watch it unfold.

Today I also bought my first Dramiel, and took her on a maiden voyage with some alliance members (later accompanied by BloodELF, I think he’s called, of PL) on a frigate roam in which we managed to snag quite a few juicy kills. We were nearly caught by a large cruiser fleet, but I managed to slip away with my ridiculous speed, and the Dramiel lives even now.

2015. I said, it’s been a sweet weekend, lots of grinning and whooping in joy on my part in a lot of the fights I’ve managed to get tangled in.

I mentioned a carrier up there. Essentially, it was an Amarrian pilot who thought we’d get spooked by his lone carrier while we bashed a hub. Well, we killed it. Heh. It was a glorious moment. We resumed the bash with heightened spirits, but they then brought TWO Archons and a squad of battleships (Vindicators, Armageddons, Megathrons) to chase us off, and there was no way our cruiser/battlecruisers could match that. We won the ISK war for sure there, though, thanks to that Archon. Content! ♥

Fighting as an underdog is thrilling. I have been complaining about all the advantages the Amarrians have, but in the end, do I really want anything to be different? No, not really. I want to feel the depths of the pit we’re in, because it becomes all the more glorious when we pull our way out.

I think that’s why solo PvP is so thrilling. For the most part, you’re at the disadvantage. If you find a fight, you’ll most likely land into a group of hungry pilots looking for a kill after a long day of finding nothing. If you just want to plex in FW, people will have all the time to decide whether they want to engage you or not, and generally they come in because they believe, most times rightly, that they can beat you.

I also think that’s why I’m so immersed in leading Minmatar FW fleets right now. Our militia is, compared to the Amarr, a lot more disjointed, loose, uncoordinated… you get it. Some Amarrian actually popped into our militia comms, without a care in the world, and openly admitted they had spies in our militia. It was obvious they did, but damn, the fact that they don’t even bother to hide it, I kinda nervously giggled at that. It felt kind of condescending, as if they were kings looking down on peasants for pointing out that the new farmers were soldiers in disguise, stealing crops in the dead of the night.

But that makes it all the more awesome to fight with the Minmatar. Everything you say is probably relayed to the enemy. They have contacts with pirates that we don’t. We have a stupid, unnecessary division within the militia that makes it difficult to apply our full strength to the war effort. We recruit fleet members from militia, the Amarr seem to have an ultra-strong (cough elitist cough) core that they can draw upon whenever they like, each pilot having enough experience to let them take on 3-to-1 odds in fleet fights, and confidently drop carriers on our cruisers. Some of their pilots seem to fly with links exclusively even when solo; on the other hand, I don’t think we run links even if we grow into a size-able fleet.

Why fight if the victory is guaranteed? The Amarrians do understand this to some degree, and I respect it when they send in a fleet that is not guaranteed to win a fight. But they escalate to a degree they know we can’t match, to ensure in the end, they always have the final word. Well, we shall see how long they can keep this up. In the mean time, this post’s tone has strayed too far from the bubbly-ness of my successes of the past two days. Time to end it here!


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