I don’t know how to structure this really, just gonna blurt it out.

It’s 2am in the morning, I’ve been trying to sleep but I can’t.

Because we just had one of the craziest Minmatar vs.  Amarr fights I’ve ever participated in.

Ill give you the facts before I degrade into my usual nonsensical babbling.

We had a hub to bash, for non-FW players this is like smacking a super tanky structure that is vital to gaining control of a system and hence contributes towards total war zone control.

We formed up armour cruisers and battle cruisers.

Our form-up was messy, mostly because of me being naive. I know now, given the way our enemies were moving, it was almost certain we had spies somewhere in fleet or on comms. I know we didn’t have our own spies; but we did have amazing scouts and I cannot thank them enough for their work tonight. Anyway, it just felt like these darned pirates and Amarrians (scouts confirmed they were working together) were just one step ahead of us the whole time. We were losing ships here and there as people tried to formup, I ended up taking the better part of 90 minutes before I got everyone in Fleet into the same system.

From there, the bash system was a jump out, and we got to work.

Once we had it to about 60-70% Shields, the Amarrians arrived. Like I said before, we had armour cruisers, Battle cruisers, assorted stealth bombers, destroyers, frigates. Our numbers totalled 38 iirc, probably 20-25 on grid (didn’t purge AFKs), with 5 T1 logistics.

They had remote repping prophecies, vexor navies, celestis. They only had around 10 members.

The battle was drawn out when we decided to shoot their drones. And by drawn out, I think it went for 45 minutes minimum,im not sure, it’s all a blur right now. I just had to post something cause I couldn’t fall asleep.

Anyway. We shot what seemed to be an endless wave of drones, and believe we got quite a few Geckos from them, rough estimates put it at around 6 Geckos destroyed or at least recalled into hulls never to be redeployed.

Early, we were getting volleyed, but their confidence at eradicating those early ships meant they ignored our logistics, which grew in strength and usefulness as their drones were whittled away at. Eventually we reached a strange stalemate, where their remote reps held them up, and ours was sufficient as well. By that point they had gotten quite a few of our bombers and smaller ships, thanks to some opportunistic slicers flying around as we concentrated on how to break their core. I hazarded a guess that they were cap boosted, but the fleet didn’t believe me and I wasn’t in a situation to give a lesson on prophecies so I shut up and we focused more drones.

Later, we tried switching DPS between their cruisers with limited success, not killing anything. Around now, I start to hear a buzzing in my head; headache I guessed. They either called some friends in or we just got unlucky here, but random neutral pirates started appearing and it was obvious they were supporting the Amarrians. There was a Falcon that warped in and out, jamming our logi, then disappearing before we got close. A keres, damping our EWAR and logistics. An Orthrus, also picking off small ships. Being general pains in the arse, really. Hitting fleet morale. Bloody dickheads. GOD. I had to let that out, cover your kids’ eyes.

Phew. Where was I. Oh yes. The guys that got taken off the field early, bless their souls, didn’t give up the fight there. Instead, they came back with neuts, jams, more DPS. I shed tears of joy. One Kitsune in particular, when he called on comms he had jammed three of the prophecies, I wanted to hug the guy.

The fight turned there. We broke their reps, and started slowly downing their celestis and vexor navies. It seemed like we had lost a lot of our fleet but our DPS was still okayish, I have yet to check kill boards to see how much of us was left contributing in the end. The hero Kitsune jams, dishonourable sure but not something I was going to turn down after the neutral Falcon targeted us exclusively.

After the navies were down we turned to the gruelling task of the prophecies, known to be tanky as all hell. Imagine my surprise then when they started warping out. Spread point call came a bit late, we held on to two I think of the original 6, and killed them surprisingly fast.

After that, I was in a complete daze. Then a proteus landed from some pirate group I can’t remember, and in my weariness I called us to align out, then for some reason I said to primary it. Someone yelled on comms, and it jerked my last ounce of concentration back, and we warped most of the remainder of the fleet out before some 20 proteii and guardians landed on grid.  Yikes.

Then we got the survivors out, and safely docked. I said a weird goodbye and bailed. It was short and awkward, I’m bad at ending fleets. And now I’m here.

I don’t know what to say. I THINK it was our victory. I mean, they warped out on us. But I don’t know how to feel. Some guys in Fleet were congratulating me at the end, but the survivors always do. Some people, I noticed, ragequitted halfway into the fight. I want to know what I did wrong to them. There was also a stupid incident of some guy shooting a WNMTR. guy in our fleet, even though we were obviously fighting Amarrians. I think this bullshit is next on my agenda to sort out. I’m sick of it already, from both sides.

Well. When I wake up tomorrow, maybe I’ll see all this clearer. I hope this post makes sense. I feel like I’ve forgotten  something.

Oh, yes. To all those involved, it was an amazing fight. Thank you Amarr for bringing barely 10 to match our 30, that probably balances out the pirate involvement I guess, but I’ll still be pissed off. Get your own militia, friggin’ elitists. Lol had to let that out too.

Lots of steam to blow off.

I really, really hope I didn’t scare any of our own militia away with that fleet. It certainly sounded like some people got sick of it. Other people thoroughly enjoyed it, but again, it’s because they weren’t volleyed instantly in the first few minutes of the fight. Oh, by the way, we tried to break a VexorNi of theirs for those minutes, and let me tell you, being logi and not having primary locked means you don’t know the target you call can’t be broken, so that was precious time wasted we could’ve spent on their drones. Shit.

Oh and it turned out the prophs were cap boosted, and our killmails showed one with 4 cap boosters left. Lol. No wonder.

Thanks again for the fight, was intense. I imagine they’ll bring their guardians and more pirates out next time, but fine, let them. We will never back down.

Alright. Going to try this sleep thing again.



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