My EVE year (and a bit)

Hopefully you’ve played with by now. If not, I highly suggest you do, the stats are fun!

I enjoyed glancing at some of mine, so much so I decided to share some with ya’ll.

First off, just wanted to say, 0 jams used. Dishonour? I’ll take none! Huehuehue. BUT I have been in fleets with them used, and never complained. >:)

Next up, here’s a pretty cool one. How people see you in EVE.

Apparently, pretty well, for me. Maybe this blog post will change that. 😛

Also, I talk a lot about PvP, but it’s important not to forget, Revi has Logistics V, and has done a lot of incursions, and I always enjoy a good logi run.

Incursions skew the armour repairing a LOT, but even without them, I don’t think shields would’ve been over 15% of total repping done. Armour logi ♥

And in terms of flying around, I think incursions have also skewed this a bit. The amount of travelling done in incursions is no joke, I would say in my short incursion stint, I managed to jump some 1500 jumps in high-sec, just getting modules, moving ships from focus to focus. Also, I used to travel from Hek to Jita A LOT, back when I was a bit poorer than I am now, and would always think of Jita as savings central. Having justified that, I feel a bit better about having only 37% of my jumps in low-sec. I wanted more.

Also, wormholes. 19 jumps; the blue isn’t even visible. Maybe I can change that this year. 🙂

Now here comes the kills!

Don’t have many killmails of my own, that’s for sure, but I’m working on that. Lots of deaths, not surprising. Only podded 6 times? That seems a bit low…

Damage dealt is weird too, I only recently acquired T2 small and medium lasers, and I haven’t even used them much. Trying to think of where all this laser damage came from, but I have no clue. Perhaps incursions, shooting the Sansha rats with my light EM drones? I don’t think that’s the case. A mystery.

As for damage taken, I think it’s pretty funny you can actually see the amount of damage dealt to me by smartbombs. As for that, happy it seems I’ve taken more or less equal amounts of damage from the big 4; hopefully that means I’ve been in lots of different, diverse fights.


Most notable things here, I guess, is that I’ve been pointed a LOT more than I point. Pretty cool; I think imbalance will be the same for most people, since I would imagine in a single large fleet roam, you could net over 100 points on your ship if you get primaried.

Overheated modules looks a bit low, and I do feel like I don’t overheat enough, need to work on managing that.

And of course, ISK flows.

Assuming this takes into account all ISK flows, since I have ISK in my wallet right now, not surprising it’s positive. My ISK/hr isn’t great, however, I am going to say my fun/hr has been off the charts. 🙂

Lets not forget my incredible impact on the industry of EVE.


To finish off:

During my time in EVE, I have d-scanned 45 times per hour. Lol. I blame all the POS trash making me paranoid.

Fun times! Great way to get a concise, well-presented, interesting summary of your time in one of the most awesome sci-fi universes to date! Go bias!


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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