Enough talk… or not.

So I broke today after seeing militia chat talking about how nice it would be to bash a hub. Things were said, like, “if x amount of the people in militia chat did something, we’d bash the hub before DT”. Many more “if”s of that kind were mentioned, all they managed to achieve was raise questions the longer they went unanswered. The longer no-one stepped up, the longer they lingered, a toxic mist that ate at the integrity of the militia.

So I did something. I got all hot-headed, and issued a militia-wide call-to-arms to form a hub bash fleet after downtime, and after a bit of a heated debate over damage types in militia chat, I ended with a righteous outburst:

[ 2015.05.06 10:46:26 ] Revileushin Eyri > i am not perfect but i’d rather do something than complain about how hard it is to do something 🙂


Down time came.

No-one joined fleet. I sighed.

So I decided to analyse the situation, and see if I can break the cycle of not doing anything. This is how it goes:

“Why is no-one doing anything?” -> “Let’s do something.” -> “But no-one will do it with us because no-one’s doing anything.” -> “Why is no-one doing anything?”

But this cycle, interestingly enough, is a trap. It’s simply the vocal minority doing what they do best, making it seem like there’s a huge problem when in fact, there isn’t actually a problem at all. I fell face-first into their trap, though, and I got all fired up thinking the whole militia was a pot full of boiling water that someone just needed to take the lid of to unleash their pent-up, untapped power.

No. It’s not like that at all. Rather, it’s not that people WANT to do things but no-one is there to do it, but people have to be EASED into doing things. It has to be appealing to play EVE, right? And bashing structures, in any part of New Eden, is boring. I made a mistake by telling people to form up into shield cruisers as soon as down time ended, to bash a hub.

Another way of putting it is that… most people don’t know they want to do it yet.

It’s another thing I need to adjust to, after my time in the pirate corporation. I took for granted the pirates’, even the week-old newbies who joined the day before a roam, I took for granted their willingness to PvP, and by extension, their willingness to fly what they don’t want to lose, even though they tell each other and me they’re fine with it.

A faction warfare militia is a corporation to the family-run business of the old Black Sails alliance. People aren’t here to have fun as much as to make profit which, in doing so, generates ‘fun’ for them. I could be making a wrongful generalisation here, but I’ve tried to refrain from making such comments, but I have been fairly active for a few weeks in FW now, and it DOES seem that way. Sure, there are strong pushes here and there, but overall, people are happy to make ISK, and if the ISK flow isn’t good, they’ll go elsewhere, or work the warzone control up to a decent level, like we are at now.

Which leads me to the first law of faction warfare: participation in acquiring warzone control is inversely proportional to warzone control. Using my excellent graph-drawing skills, we get something like this:

The First Law of Faction Warfare in EVE Online.

The push to gain complete warzone control, a dream of mine, gets harder not only because the defenders will start to o-plex and take back systems, but also because our own militia loses momentum because everyone is caught up in a frenzy of LP gains.

How do you keep a dragon from getting sleepy after devouring a town full of people? Show it the city of juicier, fatter people it could have devoured. It’s all a matter of perspective. What does capturing the rest of the warzone matter if a militia is at T5 warzone control, where the LP gain is at its maximum? What incentive is there to keep going and finish the job?

Well, for me, the glory of receiving that medal is good enough. For others… you need to make the medal seem like it’s worth it. Because claiming that medal means toiling over capturing the last few systems of Amarrian control which they will most likely not want to give up at all.

Small steps. I’ve told myself again and again, but I never seem to grasp it. I can’t just waltz in and say, hey, lets win the warzone. I need to start small, and therefore my first task is to make myself a presence. People need to recognise me first, before my ideas take hold. I can’t just be another grunt, I have to be that grunt that thinks we can win the warzone.

I will spread my hopes and dreams slowly. Leading militia-wide I-hub bashing fleets is not within my grasp yet, but it can be. I need to start small. Regular frigate fleets, plexing systems, shooting Amarrians. Build confidence in my abilities to lead fleets, both confidence of others in me, and me… in me. If that makes sense.

So I’ll get back on track once I see that I can get frigate fleets of 5+ people again. Aye. I wish people would just understand that 30 minutes of boring plexing waiting for a fight is the same as 30 minutes of slightly-less-boring warping around finding a fight, except plexing makes us ISK. I wish people would also understand sharing is caring. Sometimes I feel people don’t join my fleets because they don’t want to share plex LP. I wish I could be more entertaining while we find fights. I wish I didn’t feel like my fleet members were regretting being with me in fleet because there are other things they could be doing to net themselves more ISK. I wish people could just tell it to me straight that they want to mission instead of fleet, even though I’d feel worse than if they said they had to go. I wish shooting Amarrians gave us more LP, but that’d just give rise to farmers.

I wish for a lot more things. Ah well. I paint all these glorious pictures in my head and hence onto my blog, but can I realise any of them? Time shall tell.


One thought on “Enough talk… or not.”

  1. Majority of eve players are scared to fight. If you rock up in a plex/system/region act tough and aggressive people get worried. Because this goes against the normal eve mentality that people only behave in this fashion when they have a 100% chance of victory.
    Thus a 3 man fleet can camp 30-40 guys into station with the pyschological edge.

    Come on bring that wall of text home Naoru!

    Ok, FW is full of farming alts, hardcore farmers, spies, newbies and the genuine FW dudes. You can’t force carebears to fight. The spies make it easier for the larger pirate groups to get wind anytime a larger fleet is going down. This ingrains a fear of doing larger fleets (since no one likes being shit on) and skepticism of joining said fleets.

    My advice for turning this around would be to find a few guys that are reliable and run fleets with them. Once you have the core and some successful fleets word should get around and you can start adding in some FW flakes in.

    And for I-hub bashes drop a dread on it as DT is rolling up. Seige cycle is 5 minutes. Server drops and the dread e-warps out into space. Get friendly eyes in system, light the exit cyno and log the dread character back in.

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