Action and reaction

So, hub-bashing has been happening during my play time recently, and I’ve had the great privilege to see exactly what the Amarrians have been bringing out to defend their systems. It’s been tough finding out from second-hand accounts and stories passed through several mouths what exactly they have; much more fun to get whelped by a fleet of theirs personally. Which is what happened a few nights ago.

Amarrian T2 Logistics Cruiser – the Guardian

Details. I don’t recall everything, but it was 20 v 10, us being the larger group. We were assorted shield cruisers with 4 Scythes, they were armour drone boats (Vexors, VNIs) with 4 Guardians.

On the face of it, our logistics was already weaker. -shrug- We tried our best, and I learnt a lot.

For one thing, I’m pretty sure we have the numbers, unless you count some pirate corps that suspiciously favour the Amarrians abnormally more. Ah well. We have our neutrals too. Militia-wise, though, I think Minmatar simply has more, because it’s that kind of ‘underdog’ group that attracts most new players and appeals to their inner role-player.

The full story (in dot points) goes as follows:

-We started bashing infrastructure hub (IHUB) with stealth bombers.

-Amarrians warp in with sniper cormorants, I get my Vexor killed trying to drop on them at zero with warp-ins, they pick off stealth bombers, I’ll give them this, their 10-man fleet effectively stopped 20-30 of our stealth bombers from bombing the hub.

-We decide to reship to cruisers.

-They run off and reship.

-They come back, and the fight I described above happens.

-We lose, they take control and start deplexing.

I enjoyed watching the escalation of fleets, in hindsight it seems logical, but it reveals a lot about the preparation and organisation of ships the Amarrians have over our fleets. Whilst in fights we probably tie evenly in skill, in terms of logistical work it at least appears they know what ships to have and to quickly organise members into such ships.

Furthermore, when they brought out their cruisers, they warped straight to zero pretty darn confidently. Perhaps they had scouts that allowed them to do such a thing. It was a well-oiled operation, I must say.

So, what are our options?

Hmm. Well, we could counter them or match them.

What do we have to realise these outcomes?

A pretty disorganised militia, split by an unfortunately growing toxic environment fed by both sides of the WINMATAR./Tribal Force… feud.

People starting to get distracted by the epic LP rewards (including me) that come with T3 warzone control.

And in terms of matching the Amarrians, Minmatar pilots generally fly Minmatar ships, meaning at cruiser level we’re more likely to have shield logistics pilots.

Hmm. This is where we start, I guess. Just wanted to lay out the pieces. Now we put them together. I have an inkling of what to do, it involves lots of pew pew, but AMARRIANS ARE OUT THERE, and if they’re reading my blog, I cannot disclose the nature of the pew. Suffice it to say, I’m having loads of fun thinking of how to fight back with what we have, challenges like these are what get me excited!


It may involve drastic measures, it may not. Who knows… For now though, I need an early night, for once.

I also wanted to talk about some maths about reps. I managed to calculate that the 3 medium repairers of a standard Augoror with Amarr Cruiser V is 54% of the effectiveness of a Guardian with 5 armour repairers, a fit which requires Logistics V or a lot of fitting sacrifice to keep cap stable.

Why does this number matter? Hmm. Not really sure yet. We’ll see where I can go with this.


One thought on “Action and reaction”

  1. Heh, sounds like you got a little beat. I have a reasonably (poorly) thought out suggestion, and I hope you make of it what you will.

    I present to you: the Welpcane, reborn!

    [Hurricane, Welpcane2015]

    Damage Control II
    Gyrostabilizer II
    Gyrostabilizer II
    Tracking Enhancer II
    Gyrostabilizer II
    Power Diagnostic System II

    Medium Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 400
    Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

    Medium Energy Neutralizer II
    Medium Energy Neutralizer II
    425mm AutoCannon II, Hail M
    425mm AutoCannon II, Hail M
    425mm AutoCannon II, Hail M
    425mm AutoCannon II, Hail M
    425mm AutoCannon II, Hail M

    Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
    Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
    Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I

    Hornet EC-300 x6

    It has all the great tricks of PvP: Neuts, ECM, Autocannons. (No-one expects the autocannons). The modus operandi is simple: Pick a primary, MWD on, Guns and Neuts on, Jams on other logi. Approach, press F1.

    Tank is resist based for optimal logi support, 40K EHP, 56/70/72/77. Best of all, 5 of these should obliterate a cap chain within 20 seconds, as long as the Guardian is flying a 5/1 ratio. If they’re flying 4/2, it’s only an added 20 seconds of cap life, but that leaves multiple ‘spare’ cap transfers to keep the cap chain up.

    Will this work? Probably not, but it’ll scare the bejeebus out of their logi pilots for the first engagement, and that’s priceless

    N.B: you need some tackle for this fleet: you can replace a Invuln with

    On a side note, the split between the feuding (drooling) hordes, may only be solved by successes. If you kill them, they will come, to badly paraphrase. I’m eagerly awaiting your success,

    Rob K.
    (One of those ‘neutral pirates’)

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