[Drama intensifies]


Minmatar militia has been rife with banter and general bullshit. Fun to watch I guess, pretty disruptive to our general purpose of winning the warzone, but a good solution has yet to present itself to me. I was hoping it’d die down once everyone vented all their frustrations from whatever remains from the past, but all signs point towards escalation of hostilities.


On the plus side, despite all this toxicity in Militia chat (which makes everything seem worse than it is since EVERYONE is in Militia chat), the Minmatar has managed to claw its way up to T3 warzone control. This means a 75% bonus to LP gains, which also means doing FW things has become very profitable.

Unfortunately if the situation escalates I fear we might not be able to go the whole way to complete warzone control, which is, by the way, a new goal for me.

Oh, and I set a lot of crazy goals for myself, and I won’t presume that I can complete them all alone. When I set a goal for myself, it also means I’ll try get people to help me achieve it, not just plex away all on my lonesome, thinking my individual contribution will somehow turn the tides of a war much larger than any of the individual entities that comprise it.

My awesome Firetail in the background. ❤

So yeah, bit of drama within Militia, feels like a ticking time bomb. Meanwhile, somehow, even with a split militia we’re pushing the warzone. Maybe the Amarrians are occupied with Drifters? 😛

Anyway, turning-militia-into-deadly-force idea has been progressing differently to how I expected. I thought, compared to the people who we had join our pirate alliance, the people who join FW would be MORE inclined to PvP. Turns out pirates are more bloodthirsty. I assumed since it took me around 4-5 months to get the guys in The Black Sails to really experience my love to PvP (and in some cases, they became even crazier for a fight than I), it’d take less for the militia. However, two factors have arisen, in my eyes, which have forced me to reconsider.

1) The profitability of FW. Since LP is so lucrative, it attracts people for the sole reason of making ISK. Unlike a pirate corporation, where income isn’t even a question that people wanted to answer. Back in TBS we just made ISK however we could. PvP was the sole reason we got together, and well, that spirit really pushed them along. In the militia, I feel like people think about their ISK/LP first, then their fights. Even though they WANT to fight, and be in fleets to fight, if a fight erupts, people always consider backing out.

This isn’t ONLY because of wanting to farm ISK, though. Sometimes, it’s experience as well. Some fights that could’ve taken place in fleets I’ve been in which slightly favour the enemy, we steer clear from. Sometimes, they just know some enemies always have back-up. Others, they point out link alts in system. Maybe I’m just TOO hungry to fight for my own good.

2) The amount of people in militia. This is a weird one. I think in psychology you call it the bystander effect, if I recall it correctly. Basically, the more people there are that don’t do something, the less likely someone will step up and do it. Everyone, essentially, is a bystander, until one or a few people break the chain of mindlessness, and take action. With the small handful of players in TBS, there wasn’t really this presence suppressing you. It didn’t feel like “It’s useless if I do something because I can’t make a difference alone”. Contrary to this, I couldn’t solo roam in TBS because every time I went out someone joined. This can be attributed of course, to the fact that piracy focuses on PvP, and if we weren’t doing PvP, we weren’t really doing anything else. In FW, peeps could be doing missions, plexing, stuff which is important to warzone control, but not direct PvP. The fact remains, though, that when you see 100 people in chat and no-one is asking for a fleet or doing anything, you’re less likely to ask in there, especially if you’ve received stone-cold silence before, which I’ve certainly witnessed.

The conclusion I’ve come to, then, is to give the militia the same treatment as I did for the newbie pirates. Get them into fights that they would’ve previously turned down. Get them into fights they probably will lose. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or so they say. In this case, what doesn’t kill you could still make you quit EVE. But anyway, I think we need to understand that some fights we should take even if we lose them, because we learn so much more from it than the winners.

I’m not saying people who leave after losing 1 ship and going to grind plexes is bad. I’m saying, if you grind a plex feeling down about losing that ship, DON’T FEEL BAD. Learn from the mistake, finish the plex, get more ISK, come back for more. In my twisted, drawn-out way, I’m trying to say don’t give up. If we show more fortitude than the other side, they will slowly crumble.

To conclude, much of this rambling is probably unnecessary. It’s 3:00am, I just finished a pretty fun frigate/destroyer fleet with some other guys in militia, and I don’t even know what I’m writing at this point. Anyway. I just want to point out before I sign off that even though I make it appear the militia has glaring weaknesses, it’s actually really good at doing things. I just don’t play during peak hours to be able to document it. I play during the times when the hotshots aren’t on, and things are a bit more quiet.

Mmmhmm. o7


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