Doing what I do… worst

I’ve recently been told by some militia members to manufacture Republic Fleet Firetails for myself when I was talking about wanting to fly them. I was pretty scared. Like, terrified. I hadn’t touched the manufacturing/industry window since the tutorial, and hadn’t even looked at it since the overhaul from Crius (?).

But, I have to hand it to CCP, my fears were unfounded. Lets safely assume I had no clue what I was doing; I just had the blueprint of the item I wanted to make.

So I went ahead and head to a station with industry services (I remembered that much at least), opened up the industry window, there’s a massive empty square. It’s like a one-piece jigsaw puzzle, obviously the blueprint goes there. Okay, good. I put it in. BANG, materials AND THEIR QUANTITIES pop up to the left. I can right-click them to open up the market. Wow, ezpz.

A few seconds later, I have materials for all 3 Firetail blueprints (thanks calculator tool), and was looking at this:


EXCITING TIMES! Also, not having slots is nice too. I’m a bit late to this party, but whatever. I’m glad I didn’t have to drag my valuable blueprints around looking for a station that was available for me to manufacture stuff, especially being in FW and having lots of active wars… yeah.

OH, I forgot to mention, in those ANZAC roams on Saturday, there were a few war targets in fleet. NPSI > ALL, my friends. I can’t begin to stress how awesome an NPSI roam can be because of that. Just let go of the politics and social decorum and standings for a moment, and just fly around with some people and shoot things. Yeah.

So after roughly 80 minutes of cooking away in the spaceship factory, out popped this little beauty:

2015. was… satisfying. Much cheaper than buying the hull off the market of course, but it does take chunks out of my LP reserves. Need to start seriously plexing again. Every time I start I go looking for fights before I amass any decent amount of LP. Ah well, PvP is fun!

Oh I also unlocked the opportunity for manufacturing an item today too, when I picked up one of my Firetails. The new Opportunity system is really cool, of course it’s just a nuisance for me since I already know how to do most of what it asks of me, but I really hope newbros find it intuitive and fun to learn with. I’m trying to put myself in their shoes (god it’s hard and it’s only been about 1.5 years since I started EVE), and I imagine someone with no clue what to do with EVE should find the Opportunities effective over the other Tutorial, because it kinda gives them the freedom to choose what to learn next. That’s really cool.

Anything else I can think of about the new patch… Not really. SKINs are definitely cool, but everyone knows that. 😛 Hoping to get my hands on a Quafe Vexor skin one day though, for sure. Ooooohhhhh, that thing is beauty incarnate.

Back to the Firetails! Since I started a few days ago, so far I’ve manufactured 4 Firetails. 3 of them have been lost.

I’ve been using a fit very similar to this (I vary some things here and there):

I’ve never really used projectile weaponry before, nor have I used dual-propulsion (afterburner + microwarpdrive) setups much either, so it’s been really fun trying to manage it.

The power of dual-prop lies in range control. I can microwarpdrive in to tackle a target, then pull/dictate range with the afterburner once they’re webbed and scrammed. The only real counter to that is a dual-web afterburner setup, and not many other frigates utilise so many mids like that. Other possibilities could be that my enemy is linked, has Snake implants, simply has a faster ship when afterburning, or also just deals good damage within web/scram range. A rail comet, for example, would be really scary. In that case I’d try my best to orbit as close as possible, but if they have a web it’d be rough.

Anyway. Just trying to get back into the blog-posting groove. Something daily is my aim. I know that every day I have something to write about, and if I miss that day because I’m too tired, I generally forget about it, and that’s sad. Lost memories make me sad. 😦

Edit: Oh yeah, another thing about the ANZAC Roam… all those kills got me to the top of the alliance KB for the month. \o/ huehuehue


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