The first hurdle

It’s a freaking big one.

So my dream to turn the Minmatar into a single-minded Hive/borg/collective capable of crushing anything in its path has hit a sudden barrier.

Around two days ago, an alliance by the name of WINMATAR. rejoined our militia.

From what I know, the story goes like this:

Once upon a time there was a super strong Minmatar alliance aptly named WINMATAR. who, we’re very prominent in the FW scene. Suddenly, perhaps their power got to their heads, and they took it upon themselves to go appropriate friendly POSes, by force if necessary.
The other Minmatar alliances, I assume attempted diplomacy first, but ended up declaring unified war against WINMATAR. Civil war broke out, chaos reigned, atrocities were committed in the name of war and for the sake of victory, but eventually if the records I’ve read are true, WMTR were defeated and (dramatic tone) banished for eternity. So they did disappear for a while. Then they resurfaced, with the same alliance name, now oddly out of place on the Amarrian side of things. Many a Minmatar capsuleer were killed by their hands, and it’s hard to erase the bloodstains from the stars. I speculate sometimes about that reddish tinge in Minmatar space. Blood and rust. I digress. Where was I? Oh yes;

Now they’re back.

Me, being the innocent PvP-hungry independent player, found it an intriguing development at first. I was not present for the great betrayal and accompanying chain of horrific events, but from the side of the great Minmatar alliance Ushra’Khan, they tell it like it WMTR committed crime of the most heinous degrees. Ever since their return two days ago, every interaction between the old Minny alliances and WMTR have been aggressive, embarrassingly, on our side. It seems they’re returning with intentions not to aggravate, which can be perceived as good and bad.

How I see it is, the ones who generate fun win the hearts of the masses. Already, WMTR have established themselves as content-bringers; I was just poked out of a fleet with them. But more on that later. They are running fleets, providing links, killing Amarrians, making themselves known. They accept U’K members like me, and have open militia fleets. Someone in our fleet tonight said he hadn’t been in a fleet in our AU TZ for weeks. Suddenly, only two days in, he’s found a fleet with WMTR and it was pretty darn successful.

On the other hand, the Minmatar who remember the civil war… I hate to put it this way, but we just seem to be sulking until our leadership make a decision, most likely to wardec the now weakened WMTR after their ejection from AMARR FW. Our fleets, if formed at all, don’t usually include the Minmatar militia members, are more structured and organised compared to the organic “kitchen sink and go”  fleet WMTR hosted which I personally enjoy, and if we did include the militia, it’d end up being two fleets wondering why one doesn’t merge into the other, and the reason will be because WE don’t want to merge into them, nor do We want them to be in our fleets.

So far, it’s obvious I’m siding with the “underdogs” that are WMTR here. I’m usually that kind of guy. Elitism has no place in my EVE. The goal to become the best solo PvPer is lofty, but solo PvP I feel beats humility into you through the inevitable losses. I hope I don’t become a prick… Ah, I digress once more.

Anyway, back to that fleet tonight. It was going great, we were killing big ships (click my face for the killboard) in destroyers and frigates. Then I got poked on Team Speak, and the conversation that ensued was more or less: “it’s us, or them”. Holy drama, Batman!

I’ll admit I didn’t see it coming. Ill admit I was a little annoyed that I was just pulled out of the hypnotic trance you fall into when your fleet is on a killing spree. Ill admit, I almost lost touch of my objectivity and saw our alliance as the bad guys.

But I complied and left the fleet, bid my (slightly peeved) good nights to log onto WordPress and vent. I don’t know what to say, really. It’s late and I’m confused. I told my alliance if we wardecced them, I’d fight. Does that mean I can’t fleet with them now? I was told no, because they would view me as a scumbag for fleeting with them, then shooting them.

Firstly, I don’t really give a damn what people think about me, because I’m writing this blog. (thanks sugar kyle for this devil-may-care attitude that ONLY APPLIES to this blog, irl I’m pretty reserved)

Secondly, if WMTR thought I was scum for betraying them even though all I want to do is shoot Amarrians with them, then I will happily call hypocrisy and be done with them.

In conclusion my analysis drew once again that it was us being the sore losers. I mean, second chances in a game can’t be too much to ask for, right? We aren’t even giving diplomacy a chance. Apparently our only option is to “crush them before another civil war starts”.

Sigh. Anyway, I don’t want to leave this alliance, because there are good people here, and enormous potential and history (I like history) so I don’t want to aggravate anyone to the point we can’t talk on friendly terms. Secondly, I just want to say I’m affronted my own alliance members, and I just thought of this now, would pull me out of a fleet and present such an ultimatum like that. The only concrete reason is that they were worried I’d turn to the other side. I suppose they don’t understand my stubborn loyalty just yet.

The last reason (that I am willing to disclose ;)) to stay, is because I like to pretend I’m a visionary sometimes. And it struck me that, if civil war were to erupt once more, it could create the perfect environment to temper our spirits and create a Minmatar stronger than ever before. A little charisma here and a dabble of diplomacy there, it could be the perfect storm.

Heh, what am I saying. I’m just a kid.

Oh, and sorry for the raw, unedited, un-prettified post. First post on my new phone.


9 thoughts on “The first hurdle”

  1. Very nice analysis here. I would say you hit the the nail on the head. Interestingly you speak of a united miltia early on in this post. WMTR goals have always been coordination and organisation within the militia. Channels and backrooms already exist and with no invite to these partys we have often had to create and forge our own alliances, and you can see the product of that. Even today. After we took those ideals to the Amarr the WMTR leiutanants who remained there continued that design of diplomacy and coordination eventually leading to the Amarr in possession of the entire war zone. The man credited with organizing that feat is an ex WMTR general who came to us as a zero killboard newbro. We have always had an open approach to the wider militia. We understand how frustrating and hard is can be to find some bros to fly with. Especially if you are a newbro.

    A little known fact about us is that we rarely ‘plan’ anything further than the next fleet or engagement. So the idea that we have or ever had a grand design for infiltration or destruction of entities is… Interesting

    I guess what I’m getting at is that I speak for WMTR and we maintain a policy of opposing inter militia wardeccing. We have never activated a wardec on our own miltia members we belive that if you want to shoot your own side you need to deal with the standings hit like men. But now I am digressing…

    You are welcome to our fleets any time you like, once you are purple you are one of us. Our FCs are responsible for their fleet members as if they were corp or alliance member.

    Love the blog some fantastic writing here thanks for mentioning us :p also I find your sence of “stubborn loyalty” very commendable. It will get you far.

    See you around

  2. Lets put it like this. I am not convinced they have turned in their self-entitled, arrogant, narcissistic, remorseless ways and given their repeated history of it wherever they go, it would take a great deal for me to welcome them back. How you win can just be important as winning itself. If you only care about winning no matter the cost and steamrolling over anyone that gets in your way, friend or foe, in order to accomplish victory, that is your prerogative. As for me, I have too much integrity for that.

    1. I agree whole-heartedly that the journey means more than the destination, and I’m not saying we should side with WMTR just for the sake of victory.

      Rather, I’m just wondering if there is be a better way to do this than to simply act aggressively on a past grudge. Once again, I wasn’t there. But I’m the kind of guy that feels sorry for a bully because I believe people aren’t naturally born “self-entitled, arrogant, narcissistic, remorseless”, and are a product of their environment. In this regard I try to look beyond the surface of a person to what could have turned them into that.

      And finally, I believe in transformation. If people just opened their doors and tried to understand each other a little more… But alas, we all just have too much ‘integrity’ to try it. -shrug-

    2. “As for me, I have too much integrity for that.” sounds kinda self entitled, arrogant and narcissistic to me

      *calling hypocrisy

  3. Good on you Maximus, your still as good a liar as you always were. Scrapheap Mojo left UK to assist Hopolite in their war against Winmatar. I just clicked the asist button and it allocated my offer to Winmatar with no ability to withdraw it.I petitioned the ccp robots but they must be out of oil. Hopolite know where Scrapheap Mojo’s loyalties lie with out any doubt and so do the minmatar in general..death to Biohazard and Winmatar. As for “you rarely plan anything in advance”, lol you planned the taking of Defiant Legacy’s POs’s that started the minny civil war, you also say you never wardecc your own minny miliya but i remebr when Bio was at the height of its power and Hubris you wardecced Pixel navigators because their CEO called Asslon a dickhead. You cant even be trusted to tell the truth Max never mind changing your ways, The Minmatar milita are gonna take out the Biohazard trash in the long or short term. We will send you back to what ever wormhole you crawled out of, like minmatar has always done. Like everyone has always done. See you on the field.

  4. the reason that policy exists is because of the pixel navigators incident. mistakes were made in many regards. I hope some conclusion to this can be figured out and maybe with a little empathy we can regain Minmatar tRUST

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