Our power

I like to think of ways we can overturn the world order and establish a utopian society for the whole world. Fun, fun. Indeed, when people say I’m air-headed or a daydreamer or immature, I don’t bother defending myself, because these are symptoms of me spending too much time calculating just how we could reach a utopia.

-shrug- Perhaps it’s all the games I’ve played and books I’ve read that make me think this is even a remote possibility.

This could be interpreted as optimism, but it’s interesting because I like to bash myself and point out my weaknesses a lot, as well as the flaws in my or others’ reasonings, and enjoy discussing the overarching issues, ranging from poverty to first-world problems, that plague today. I suppose because of that, you can’t really call someone completely an optimist, or completely a pessimist. There’s a bit of everything within us; human beings are complex.

Lets reel in the crazy, dream-like talk (just a little bit). Instead of utopia, lets discuss something a little closer to our hearts. Something I like to call our… power. Potential. Ki. Energy. Soul. It has a lot of names.

I believe everyone has power, in its most raw description, that which is measured by how much you ‘dominate’ or control others. Everyone expresses, shows, receives and gives power. The flow of power can be predicted just like the weather, but we cannot control it completely just as we cannot tell mother nature not to send a hurricane our way because we forecasted it to be clear-skied for the next week.

Nothing special so far, philosophers probably have gathered as much. However I’m more interested in how we consciously use our inner power.

Bit of EVE Online getting involved now.

In my previous post I mentioned I wanted to turn our FW militia into a ‘hydra’. Simply put, I don’t want to be at the head of the charge, I want all of us to be. I want everyone to pull their weight and turn into an unstoppable force of nature.

And how? By tapping into the dormant power within each of us. Note I use dormant because I believe that typically, you don’t see the average person wield their ‘soul’ like a sword, swinging it about in full view of everyone else. If that were the case, everyone would be spending all their time trying to get the advantage over each other. It doesn’t happen like that, in EVE, nor in real life. Some of us will suppress ourselves and kneel before others who bend our minds to their wills with their charisma (perhaps another word to describe this inner power).

But, just because people don’t use power doesn’t mean they don’t have it, or can’t wield it properly. Let me put it another way: all followers could become leaders, but not all leaders are followers.

I’m not so interested in what kind of leader each member of the Minmatar militia become (this could bite me in the ass down the line), rather, I’m curious as to how I can have each of them undergo the transformation necessary to become a leader in addition to a follower.

So begins Operation: Prod the Sleeping Dragon (ironically, the acronym neatly spells PTSD)

I want to expand on the ‘inner power’ stuff, but to be honest if I kept going I’d degrade into vague mutterings. This was just something that sprang into my head and sounded interesting enough to write down, which I guess is how the inspiration for most of my previous posts have been generated. As much as I love putting half-formed ideas on pages, though, I fear for the sanity of my readers. ❤

Besides, inner power? I feel kinda cheesy… but I won’t end it completely. As I explore more into these ideas, I hope to document them more succinctly and clearly.

For now, my initial method of going about the transformation of our militia shall be briefly described. This is probably going to be a long journey, I don’t even know if I can reach the end, but I’m starting off small. My initial idea is to create fleets that are 1) open to the whole militia and 2) have non-compulsory comms. It’s not revolutionary, definitely not, but we aren’t doing it, so I want to see what happens. I’ll try to encourage as many people to join as possible, whether or not they plan on doing things in a fleet. The developments from this should provide some interesting insight as to the strength of the souls of the Matari capsuleers, as my poetic side likes to write it. Or at the very least we can expect a failure post when no-one thinks my idea will work.


2 thoughts on “Our power”

  1. Sounds a bit more chi than cheesy. The concept is great … so how do you accomplish ‘it’? Rotate delegated roles so that everybody has experience and a better understanding of what’s required in the team, and from that foster some 6th sense cohesion?

    Oh god, you’re re-creating the Borg!

    (There’s always going to be somebody pulling in the opposite direction, it’s in our nature).

    1. I’d imagine in the beginning I might have to get involved and do some delegation, maybe guide people, but I’m hoping it becomes a natural thing eventually where yes, each member kinda reads each others’ minds.

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