Food for worms

So… a new category for the blog. Yes, Minecraft. That’s where I’ve been, whilst my alliance thinks I’m six feet under, I’m actually hundreds of feet under, looking for diamonds. I feel quite guilty that I abandoned the alliance like that, and I doubt they’ll forgive me readily if I turn back up and explain all I wanted to do was start a Minecraft server. Anyway. That’s indeed what I want to do. As I purchased some dedicated hosting, though, and started messing around with Bukkit (Minecraft server mod that gives huge customisability to server owners), I realised how much I needed to learn to figure it all out. The next logical step in my head, then, was to blog about it. It troubles me, to have this blog up in eve-bloggers and endorsed by some other EVE bloggers, when they’re false alarms about another game. Ah well, if people complain I’ll take action. 🙂 Anyway, January has gotten off to quite an interesting start for me. Most of it was spent house-sitting, taking care of a cat and chicken. I’ve never properly taken care of a pet myself before, and child’s play it is not. I spent that time pondering what I wanted to do when I got back (EVE-related tidbit: Logistics V finished training during this time), and after chatting to some friends I realised I wanted to try my hand at running a Minecraft server. Lets get into it.

Configuration and conflagration

The main challenge for me was, since I wanted to use plugins (to modify the vanilla game, essentially), I had to understand how they worked. Having never dabbled in such black magics before, I was (and still am) confused and slightly lost. Thing is, the developers for all these plugins are like the developers for Skyrim mods; they’re all independent. One does not know what the rest are doing, so chances are, what they’re doing to the game could interfere, overlap or even worse, break someone else’s work and hence the whole damn game. Right now it feels like I’m trying to put gunpowder and fire together and hoping the inevitable explosion… doesn’t explode. It feels like I’m training myself how to write in another language, blind. It feels like I started EVE from scratch all over again. And I, much to my detriment, don’t like backing down from a challenge. We shall see where this venture takes us.

I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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