So that’s what two accounts feels like.

This is what happens when you have two accounts running with a single screen, tabbing between both, suddenly something interesting is happening on one and you forget where the other is.

I wonder if CCP have partnered up with some monitor companies, because I’m really considering a second monitor right about now.

Meh, maybe I just need to get used to having two accounts running.

Maybe I should’ve got Revi through low-sec first, instead of get caught up playing around on Imogen.

Mistakes were made.

Sigh, at this rate, my corpse is going to be a common sight in people’s corpse freezers. And I wanted my body to be special. 😦


5 thoughts on “So that’s what two accounts feels like.”

  1. I’ve just moved away from two accounts, I’m finishing corp training on my older account and just using my secondary account to train a new main. I used to love playing with two monitors but I think I’m going to be a one toon monkey for a while.

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