Here we go again…

Well, the new year is settling in now and I’m looking forward to a hell of a lot this year. In many ways this year is going to be crucial for me; I see many crossroads up ahead and it’s exciting to know I have a blog now to track my choices, in EVE and out of it.

For EVE specifically, this is the year where our alliance makes or breaks it. If we survive a whole new year, I think we will have a foundation that will let us step up there with the big boys. Maybe. I’m uncertain. But I think we can. That’s what counts, right?

Anyway. these thoughts spawn from the fact that Revi is now more or less a 1 year-old capsuleer in New Eden. A year has already passed and boy, was it fun. Little disappointed that I didn’t break 20million SP (Scratched 19.3m) but besides that, I definitely have no regrets.

So now we have another year. I just realised I didn’t do a December progress report. Yeah, I got bored of those. I realised about October that all I wanted to write, I actually had already covered in some form or another in my blog posts. Which brings me to an interesting question.

What kind of content can I rely on as ‘filler’ posts for my blog?

I’ve had lots of thoughts, but I’m really liking the sound of a best weekly fight recap, if I can actually sustain a decent level of PvP that I can find fights every week worth sharing. We’ll see. There’s also the problem of remembering to record my fights.

But the idea generally involves a weekly video with some commentary and soothing music in the background. This kind of venture lets me capitalize on my PvP knowledge as well as the great privilege of having an easy way to record quality footage with Nvidia’s Shadowplay software.

I’ll play with the idea a little more, try out a few videos, and see how it goes. It’s not exactly blog material, but right now it sounds kinda exciting. I think the first step is trying it out, then adjusting it accordingly.

If you guys have anything else ya’ll want me to type about, or suggestions for my idea, feel free to drop ’em below!


I'm just a poor boy, but I'd like some commentary~

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