Don’t rush!

So much for consistency. 4 days after my last post, I bother to start another.

Given, I’ve had much on my mind. Taking care of a cat since some of my family have gone off on vacation, and let it be known I’ve never taken care of a pet myself before.

Scary stuff. However, the amount of its fur it leaves everywhere
and the way it meows regally at me whilst sitting like a king admonishing a lowly peasant isn’t for this blog. Hell, the interwebz probably is approaching bursting point with its cats.

No, today, I’m talking about something I’ve been thinking about since Christmas… and I went ahead and did it.

I’ve started another account on EVE Online.

Some people will have very smug faces right now if they’re reading this, because I acted very proud of the fact that I was playing EVE on a single character, and then a single account.

But I couldn’t help it. The thought of running two clients at once doing two different things at the same time was too compelling. That, plus the PLEX I got from EveDownUnder, has left me in a good position to start another account.

My initial plan is to use 2 PLEX to transfer Imogen onto the other account (which has been freshly activated, and is now training some general core skills on a third character). Then, I will start training her as a booster, pushing Leadership skills since the primary attribute involved with those is Charisma, which I remapped into for the Trade skills. I’ve got high hopes in her, earning ISK trading (going quite well at the moment, no spectacular growth but growing) whilst at the same time, she could be providing boosts for an incursion fleet. Mm-mmm, ISKIEZ.

Anyway, the main doubt I had in spending the money on another account was, well, whether I wanted to maintain it. The answer is, with the unlimited skill queue these days and no medical clone upgrades, the maintenance involved for the two things I really don’t want to forget about has been reduced significantly, making the prospect of another character much more appealing.

Furthermore, me running incursions with Revi has opened up the avenue of PLEXing the second account. Monetary worries can be thrown out the window. So the only thing left to wonder about was:

How much should I pay for the account in the meantime? There were two options available to me when I thought of starting a new account.

The first one that came to my head was: Use the special offer CCP had going, which was $25 for 90 days.

The one I figured out just after I registered and paid for the new account with that special offer, was using the trial account method.

That involves grabbing an extended 21-day trial, subscribing for 3 months ($13/month), and then redeeming the PLEX for another 30 days.

All in all, that’s $39 for 141(21+90+30) days.

What does that mean?

Special Offer: 25/90 = 27.7c a day

Extended Trial method: 27.6c a day

(rounding down)

In the end, it turned out that sidekick offer was not really any better than using the extended trial method, and the latter gets me another whole month at more or less the same rate for training Imogen which I want to transfer over, AND 21 days to train some random skills on a totally new character.

Should have crunched the numbers before going for it, but it’s not so bad.

Another question that has popped into my mind though (god damn, why do I not think of these BEFORE I start doing things), is should I transfer Imogen over? The cost of doing so is 2 PLEX, which could equal 60 days of more game time on my new account, which could let me achieve my booster goal on a fresh character just as easily.

The main perks of having Imogen on another account though, is that I can manage her orders whilst I’m moving Revi around, chatting to people, replying to mails, that sort of thing. If I don’t transfer, I’ll have to keep logging on and off between the two characters, a nuisance if nothing else. To avoid this, I could train Trade on the character on the new account, then trade Imogen’s stuff over. This saves me 2 PLEX.

The easy way out is to go with transferring Imogen, the harder way means a little more hassle, and I’ll have to wait a while before I can do the transfer whilst I’m training the necessary skills, but it saves me 2 PLEX.

Suddenly this whole thing has gotten more complicated than it has to. To be honest, the question I have to ask is: is that extra time spent waiting worth the PLEX? Many, detached from my situation, would say yes. A part of me says yes, keep the PLEX, train another trader for a month.

But another part of me says, why worry so much about it? Just go for whatever you feel like, and have fun doing it.

You know what? I’m leaning more towards moving Imogen over using PLEX; I like her name… and the freckles.

5 days until Revi turns 1 in EVE! Wow time has flown.



One thought on “Don’t rush!”

  1. I’ve been at that point myself, wondering if I should start an extra character or just transfer one over.
    Decided for the latter, seeing as I liked the character I had already made and was attached to it, plus the extra hassle of yet another queue/plan didn’t really work well.

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