YC117 (2015)

So in Australia it’s hit the new year now.

I have a bunch of things I want to achieve in real life, but also in EVE. The distinction between the two grow ever fainter, though. EVE is becoming a part of life. I suppose this is something I can say being truly a beneficiary of the twenty-first century, having been brought up amongst technology and its rapid growth. I can say with confidence, despite the critics and disbelievers, that a game can be as crucial to the life of a human, as crucial as perhaps an early life of athletic training, or someone’s love for books and reading, perhaps even one’s education.

At least a game like EVE can be.

I have two resolutions for EVE Online. The first is to continue writing consistently for this blog.

I’ve settled into a nice groove, I think, just tracking my thoughts for the day, and every post I make, I get more confident for the next. The real issue I’ve hit is how to write, and I think the answer to that is how I want to write. That, I think, will let me write as much as possible, rather than the alternative, which is try to appease readers with my posts, something that may get me more views, but something I feel will make blogging more of a chore rather than a fun way to siphon my memories into somewhere I can look back, read back on, and smile or grimace whilst reading.

Also, on this note, if you EVE players are at a loss for what to resolve to do for the game, start a blog. Your beginnings can’t be as bad as mine, that’s for sure. Start a blog for yourself, throw it into evebloggers to attract some attention, and just go. I want to believe that, when the world progresses and historians look back on our period, when we’re all resting peacefully in whatever ‘world after this one’ we believe in, they will look back at the rise of games, and they’ll be able to document EVE the most accurately because of all the primary sources they have in the form of our blogs.

Also, a blog just lets you throw words onto a page, and personally, I didn’t think it could be so… soothing. Some of ya’ll might find it the same. You’ll start with a few posts and it won’t look amazing, but it gets there.

Next resolution: get better at PvP.

That’s a pretty broad one, of course. Essentially, since PvP could be linked to 90% of EVE, I just want to do better at EVE. But that’s really what I want. I want to understand more strengths and weaknesses of ships, especially the larger ones.

I want to know more about combat in different environments; like fighting in wormholes, around POSes. By extension, I wouldn’t mind some experience with null-sec / sov warfare.

I want to fly more crazy fits, more ships, take battleships out to PvP. I want to fly more solo, more small gang, more fleet.

I want to do more FC work, more logi work, more scout work.

Every aspect of PvP, I guess, I want to master. My initial goal was to become great at solo PvP. I’ve realised, though, that saying that is like saying I want to become a lone commando fighting a bunch of armies. For me to have any chance of success, I need to know everything about armies, formations, weaponry, strategies, on top of being entirely comfortable with myself and my capabilities.

So there you have it. Happy YC117, EVElings! Oh, and a good 2015, to all you Earth-dwellers. 😉


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