Best frenemies.

Today was a haze of PvP. So many fights they’re blurring over one another in my head already, it’s dizzying. Suffice it to say that I had a ton of fun today (minus being smartbombed by a Tengu in my training clone), but I’ve had enough, so I’m docking up and settling in to write a post.

The cool thing about today’s roams was that we met a group we had never met before in the same space we roam, and fought them, lost to them, then fought with them. It’s incredible, the kinds of connections that can only be forged in the aftermath of conflict. Perhaps that can explain marriage. But I digress into an area I have little experience in.

Anyway, these folks were a part of the A Band Apart. alliance, one I recognised due to my occasional forages into Rixx Javix’s blog, which I initially found thanks to someone telling me about his corporation’s public frigate FFA competitions.

Such a tenuous connection, but one nonetheless, and one that I noticed when I died to them. So I went ahead and mentioned it in local, something to the tune of “I’ve always wanted to die to ABA.”

One private conversation and a few minutes later, we were having a uproarious time with the guys in New Eden Renegades (forgive me if I got that slightly incorrect, just going off the top of my head), who have already taught me a thing or two about how to have even more fun in FW space than we already were. It’s really simple, how they’ve done it. So simple, it makes me beat myself over the head and wonder why I had not thought of it before. So elegant, so effective, and yet even a new player like me overlooked the possibilities of this path.

I’m not here to talk about that, though. Rather, I want to talk about how the people we fought could become to people we fought with.

This comes back to the idea that we’re all playing the game to have fun. I’ve had to begrudgingly accept that when we PvP, there will always be, no matter how miniscule, a party that is unsatisfied with the outcome. Losing sucks, we all know it. It’s part of the learning process, but as if that softens the blow to the gut of losing a ship, eh?

Interestingly enough, nothing would have kicked off if the FC for the other guys convo’ed me afterwards as we were refitting to ask me why I wanted to die to ABA. It all started with the initiative of one person, reaching out. To think that a simple gesture was all it took, for him to convo me, to break through the barriers that we instinctively throw up between ourselves and the enemy, so we feel nothing but pleasure when we blow them up.

This happens surprisingly often in EVE, especially amongst the pirate community, of all things. We’re a bunch of misfits and we do peeve of the wrong people sometimes, but if anything holds true , the honour among thieves code stands. Perhaps its the work of our diplomats… perhaps it just happens. But recently I’ve also gone out on a fleet with 7-2. Calamitous Intent, the pirate corporation I’ve watched from the sidelines since the beginning of my EVE career. Strange that I should grow so attached, but you know, they’re a bunch of cool guys who do what they do very well, and that’s all I want to be able to do in the game as well. Hell, that could be my motif for life: Be a cool guy who does what he does really well.

It took me some effort, I suppose, to swallow pride and accept their offer to fleet up just after they whelp our fleet, but sometimes, it’s not about salvaging whatever is left of your tattered ego remains after a gruesome, demoralising fight. If the victors extend a hand to help you back up, take it. Even if it was that corporation you swore you’d take down single-handedly.

Heh. Sometimes I wonder why I have such foolish ambitions. Then I wonder why I’m so stubborn that I refuse to let go of those ambitions. You know, I once thought…

Well, no one should still be reading by here so…

You see… in that period between leaving Faction Warfare and creating our new alliance… I had a fleeting thought; join 7-2. Hah, and could you believe I wrote this a few weeks later. I actually had a look at their recruitment page in their forum. Learn from them; understand them, be a part of the winning side. You wouldn’t believe how close I came to deciding that would be my next step.

The opportunity to start our own alliance came along though, and… I mean, imagine my blog right now, if I was in a super strong pirate alliance. What struggles would I contemplate? Why would I ponder the aspects of EVE that intrigue and frustrate me, if I was ensconced in a warm cocoon? What progress would I report? What opportunities would I bother with? Curious, curious, but that’s all for another parallel universe, I’m afraid. Because I’m where I am now, and I’m certain I’ve made the right choice. There’s no turning back now.


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