Gifts from CCP!

This new dev blog here should lead you to the link to receive 20 days free multiple character training (or 20 days to add to your main, which I believe was an option) to ensure you and your alts remain active for the festive season! Woohoo! Thanks CCP, Imogen can polish off those taxation and broker fee skills now. \o/

I also particularly enjoyed the trinkets and collectibles they handed out, especially the little nod to the organisers of EDU. Satisfied that I was a part of at least one of the events those items celebrated.

We’re fast approaching Christmas day now, and I’m feeling a reflective post coming for my first year of EVE, and first year of blogging at that.

UPDATE (20:55 18/12/2014 EVE TIME): A corporation member tried redeeming the 20 days free time, and apparently he has to purchase more game time to acquire the 20 days, if he wants to apply it to an active queue. In other words, extended an existing character’s game time requires a purchase, applying it to an empty queue slot doesn’t?

UPDATE 2 (a few minutes later): I failed at interpretation. You can’t extend game time at all. It’s just 20 days free training for another character in an active account. Derp.


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