EVE Online savings account.

I created a trade character for the purpose of trying to bolster the weak trade hub in the region our alliance had originally set up in: Derelik.

That changed, though. A few disagreements with the leadership (oops) had me stripped of responsibility over that task. Water under the bridge; I realised it wasn’t an easy job anyway, so I’m a little relieved when I was told I could stop. We’ve moved again anyway… a little too quick for my liking, but I digress.

So, I’ve been left with a 1.7 million SP character in Trade with lots of free order slots. So I decided to turn her into my very own savings account.

Imogen: But Revi, why do I have to be a savings account when you get to do all the cool things?
Revi: Hush now, you’re keeping my money safe!
Imogen: … You know I’m going to spend some on myself?
Imogen: -blush-
Revi: -sigh- Just… just make sure the ISK stays moving.
Imogen: Oh… they’re moving alright.

AHEM. Sorry, I have a little thing where I engage in conversation with my own characters. That’s normal, right?

So as you can see from this handy pie chart, I’m aiming to minimise Imogen’s free money (the amount of ISK in your wallet minus ISK to cover), and I’m liking it at around 20% so far. The other 80%, then, is tied up buying things, and selling what I have already bought.

Imogen lets me grow my wealth safely out of the hands of my ISK-hungry PvPer, on which I can randomly splurge on ships without caring if my wallet is fat enough. Let’s have a look at how I’ve been doing since she started trading:

Ignoring the huge spike on the 7th of December when I sold a blueprint I won for simply being active in the EveDownUnder channel (love you guys), if we have a look at 29/11 to 04/12 and 08/12 to 15/12, it certainly seems to be working. I’m just purchasing random items with decent margins, and reselling them either after I haul them to another hub or just back at the same station.

At the same time, any excess assets on Revi (exploration loot, prizes from events) that I want to sell are traded to Imogen, sold with awesome trade skills to minimise pesky taxes and fees, increasing capital, speeding up growth.

Currently, the issue for me is progressing onto bigger fish, so to speak, as my capital increases. I’m still trading items I was trading back when I had around 100million in the wallet, and growing at the same slow rate. Once I can speed that up with some more lucrative trades, I may consider trying to trade in the PLEX market. -angelic music-

Anyway, just felt I needed a little update on where my trader was going, since I mentioned her before and then just totally forgot about follow-up posts.

Hopefully I used all the economic terminology correctly. I’m studying all that jazz but there are so many words. ._.


4 thoughts on “EVE Online savings account.”

      1. Well, it actually has a ton of features Mentat doesn’t, including CREST for real time data (and it’s actively maintained). If you want to check which items to trade, you can use the margin tool. Take a look at the features page.

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